The situation in Israel can sometimes be complicated with the tension between Jewish and Arab Israelis due to the political situation. But every so often a story comes out that shows the humanity of most of the people in this country.

This is one such story. 

Two Arab Israeli plumbers, who are brothers, were fixing a major leak at an apartment in Haifa for Rosa Meir, who is 95. While one brother was working, the other started talking to Meir.

“When we got there, we saw there was a large blast of water and we started fixing it,” said Simon Matari. “At some stage, while working, my brother Salim started to talk to Rosa about her life. She told us she’s 95, a Holocaust survivor and that she has a daughter.

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After her star-studded trip to Israel — which was splashed all over social media — pop star Demi Lovato got the smack down from anti-Israel and BDS activists for daring to visit the Jewish state.

You would hope that someone used to the limelight, could withstand the pressure. However, the singer immediately succumbed to the accusations and apologized for going to Israel!

While in Israel, Lovato posted photos of her trip including her baptism in the Jordan River and her visit to Shalva — a center in Jerusalem for children with special needs that we as a ministry support and visit. Lovato was pictured on her social media pages with a little girl in the early learning center.

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Rather than rejoice that the Saudi Arabian national team would play a historic soccer game against the Palestinian team on their home field, several Palestinian activists and groups lined up to oppose the match, calling it treason.

“This constitutes a direct recognition of the sovereignty of the Zionist entity,” said the Palestinian Popular Campaign Against Normalization while accusing both the Palestinian Authority and Saudi Arabia of violating the Arab boycott of Israel.

This “contributes to covering up the reality of the situation in Palestine and creates a false image of the situation of sports under occupation.”

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On the holiest day of the year for the Jewish people, a deranged gunman in Germany tried to break into a synagogue during services on Wednesday. Failing to get in, the lone attacker killed a woman passing by and then attacked a kebab shop nearby and killed one of the customers there. 

The locked gates of the synagogue prevented a much greater tragedy.

Stephan Balliet, 27, live streamed his wanton anti-Semitic attack on a video-gaming platform. Ironically, he didn’t kill any of the Jews observing Yom Kippur as he failed to break into the locked synagogue. Before the attack, Balliet broadcast an anti-Semitic manifesto. 

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Abusive Leadership

Ron Cantor —  October 5, 2019 — Leave a comment
This week I want to share with you a message from my new book on leadership called, “Don’t Call me Pastor!“ It’s about abusive leadership, which sadly, is rampant in the body. There are far too many pastors and leaders who are very gifted, but have never read a book on leadership. As a result, they end up wounding the very people they’re called to serve.