Moti Cohen participles in a ministry called Hand in Hand, that unites Messianic Israel youth and young people from German-speaking countries. They travel both in Israel and Germany, and even visit the Death Camps in Poland.

I don’t know how to start this journal. It’s true that this trip started and ended in Israel, but as the trip progressed so many things happened. I remember the warm welcoming we received in Germany; It was late at night, we entered this big saloon where all the German/Austrian/Swiss youth’s families stood. There was excitement in the air even though we didn’t know each other! But we did know that we were going to go through this journey together in the following weeks: Germans, Israelis, Austrians, Swiss and One God who is with us all the time. Continue Reading…

If you are interested, we are organizing a trip for Oct. 13-24 this fall! We have still have spots, but its filling up.



Every Dollar you pledge will be Doubled, up to 35K

On Friday May 1, I will be riding my bike around Jerusalem to Bless Tel Aviv. This is a 50K ride through hills and mountains around Jerusalem. The furthest I have ridden is 41K and that was on flat terrain. I am genuinely nervous! I need you to sponsor me because we have the opportunity to raise 70K to open up a coffee house/prayer center inside of our congregation. Two businessman have pledged to match up to 35K. So, for every dollar you pledge, they will give a dollar, up to 35K. If you pledge $500, the will match it.Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 4.06.10 PM The end result will be a beautiful new coffee house and prayer center in the heart of Tel Aviv—a place to where our young people can bring their friends. A place where unbelievers will hear the Message of Yeshua!

Make your pledge now, and you will have until June 30th to fulfill it. I will let you know as soon as I have finished the race.

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35K Challenge Bike Ride



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