VIDEO: Israeli uses grocery cart to thwart terrorist

Ron Cantor —  January 26, 2016 — Leave a comment

Imagine that you are simply working at a grocery store and you hear screams? Two terrorists with knives seek to get in the grocery store to harm you and others, after they have already stabbed two women.

According to Motti Shalem, who worked at the grocery store at the time of the attack, “the two terrorists came from the direction of the fence, and must’ve breached it and got in. Then they stabbed a woman on the sidewalk, and another at the parking lot, and then tried to enter the store. Me and another guy pushed them back with a supermarket cart, and then they ran, and were shot by the security guard.” (

Tragically the 23 year old Shlomit Kreigsman succumbed to her wounds, and died yesterday.


Meanwhile the the E.U. is probably more concerned that the security shot the terrorists.