Time to Wake Up Mr. Clinton

Ron Cantor —  September 24, 2011 — Leave a comment

Bill Clinton said yesterday concerning the Israeli/Arab conflict: “The King of Saudi Arabia started lining up all the Arab countries to say to the Israelis, ‘if you work it out with the Palestinians … we will give you immediately not only recognition but a political, economic, and security partnership,'” Clinton said. “This is huge…. It’s a heck of a deal.”

No Mr. Clinton, that is NOT what the Saudi King offered. The offer was to move back to 1967 suicidal borders in exchange for WORDS!!! Did you not learn anything from working with Yassar Arafat for 8 years? Are you still so naive? Do you still possess such an ignorant, utopia-ish understanding of Middle Eastern culture? These people lie constantly. Lying is not even frowned upon amongst these leaders. It is a way of life. A promise from the Saudi king is worthless. Promising normalized relationships for something tangible (moving back to 67 borders) is pure fantasy. clinton

The truth is that the King knew Israel would not except this (because the Arab leaders in this region cannot be trusted and returning to 67 borders would leave us with an 8 mile width in some areas). The shrewd and cunning king makes a generous offer, knowing it will be rejected and will have the whole world saying, “What is wrong with those Israelis?” And it worked, as Clinton said as much yesterday.