Prayer Requests June 29th, 2012

Ron Cantor —  June 29, 2012 — Leave a comment

Shalom everyone!

The past three months have been the busiest of my life! Not only did we publish a novel, but had amazing ministry in Europe, gave our website a makeover, plus all the normal responsibilities of life and ministry here in the Israel. And just as life finally slowed down over the past two days, Elana and I are off to the US with 40 Israeli young adults!

I have a sense in my spirit that there is war on the horizon. No, I don’t mean with Iran or Egypt—I mean spiritual war, and I don’t want to go into battle without my praying friends. Therefore, below are a few prayer requests:

40 Israelis Going to the US

At 2 a.m. Elana and I will head to the airport. We will be helping to lead a team of Israelis to the Messiah Conference in Harrisonburg, PA. This trip is being cosponsored by Maoz Israel and the MJAA. Our daughter Sharon will meet us at JFK tomorrow and join the trip! Please pray for us:

  • Safety as we travel.
  • That powerful relationships will be formed during the trip, both among the participants and the believers we meet at the conference.
  • Anointing as we minister (Ari and Shira are sharing Tuesday night and I will be sharing on Saturday morning).

Book Signing at Messiah Conference

I have also been asked to be part of a book signing evening with about a dozen other authors on Thursday night. Without a huge publisher behind us, we are really counting on word of mouth to cause Identity Theft to grow in popularity. This evening will present a great opportunity for that. We have received wonderful reviews from many leaders, but there is no better marketing than one friend recommending it to another. Please pray that the publisher gets the books to PA on time!

Our other two daughters

Yael  and Danielle will stay here in Israel. Please pray for them; for their safety and blessing. Danielle will come to the US on July 16th and then on August 5th head to Costa Rica for a missions trip. Then back to Israel to begin her army service. Again, please cover both of them in prayer.

young adults ministry

While we planned to birth a young adults group within our congregation last month, things did not go so well. End of the year is a hard time to start something new. Therefore we are looking to September to birth a powerful ministry to young adults. We have many young adults who have expressed excitement about the group. Pray for powerful discipling relationships to come from this.

Speaking at National youth event

HUGE HONOR! When I first moved to Israel, I was asked to speak at the summer 2-week youth event called Souled Out. As I could not preach (or speak!) in Hebrew, my message was translated. I really enjoyed it. They have sinced changed the name to Katzir (Harvest), and now that I can preach in Hebrew, they have asked me to bring the closing message on August 1st. I am really excited to share with them. However I need your prayers!!! My flight from the US lands at about 2 PM and I must preach that evening. I know that in my weakness HE is strong. Halelujah!

God bless you all! I sooo covet your prayers.

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From Zion to the Ends of the Earth (Acts 1:8),