Mubi Report from Nigeria

Ron Cantor —  February 25, 2009 — Leave a comment


This woman asked God to heal her two year old daughter of blindness.

Within seconds the little girl was running around the grounds of the

outreach. She was seeing for the first time in her life!

Mubi Report from Nigeria Blind see, Lame Walk!!!


Dear Friends,


DSC00202It was just like the New Testament. Crowds pressed in. The Gospel was preached. The blind saw and the lame walked.  I saw a young girl blind from birth receive her sight. I saw a woman who had not walked in years running around. More importantly, I witnessed the gospel being preached to an estimated crowd of 450,000 of the most spiritually hungry people you have ever seen. Only God knows exactly how many responded and were genuinely transformed by the power of the gospel, but that didn’t stop the campaign from seeking to find out. 51% of the budget is spent on finding the people, following them up and getting them discipled in local congregations.We have invitations to return and preach the gospel to those who have never heard it. We must pray and get God’s heart on this, but the fields here in Nigeria are WHITE UNTO HARVEST!!!

I flew in this morning from Mubi and I have a day in Lagos before my plane leaves. While I can’t wait to see Elana and the girls, I am grateful for a little time to process all that I have seen and heard. Let me say it again. It was just like the New Testament. Read Matthew 9 to get an idea.

DSC00232Let me close by saying that Reinhard Bonke and his team were amazingly hospitable. They treated me with far more respect than I deserved. Reinhard is a humble and passionate man who took every opportunity to encourage me in the gospel. I learned quite a bit about frontier evangelism from listening to and watching him. Furthermore, I was so proud to see Daniel Kolenda, a young man I had the privilege of teaching in Pensacola, proclaim Jesus to nearly a half a million people with the grace of someone who has been doing it a lifetime.

More later…much, much more…pictures and video that will blow you away!!!


More than ever, committed to the Messiah’s Mandate,


Ron Cantor