Jordanian man swims to Israel to escape desperate conditions

Ron Cantor —  September 3, 2020 — Leave a comment

A Jordanian man apparently counted the risk of getting caught worth it when he swam across the maritime border with Israel on Wednesday and arrived in the resort city of Eilat in pursuit of a better future.

The man was arrested and taken in for questioning. The area where he came ashore was briefly closed down and police placed on high alert.

Channel 12 reported that the Jordanian man is a diver and crossed the border underwater, yet somehow did not register on the navy’s radars. The Israel Defense Forces confirmed that a suspect had crossed the border and had been arrested while the Israel Nature and Parks Authority said its employees had spotted the man swimming and alerted authorities when he arrived.
According to Hebrew-media news reports, the man told interrogators that he was in despair due to the economic situation in Jordan and wanted to seek a better future in Israel.


Photo: Israel Police