It’s official: Israel opens its first embassy in Abu Dhabi

Ron Cantor —  January 29, 2021 — Leave a comment

Israel officially has an embassy in the United Arab Emirates. Something most people would have thought was impossible a year ago, is a reality.

On Sunday, Ambassador Eitan Na’eh arrived in Abu Dhabi to open a temporary diplomatic office in Abu Dhabi while Israel scouts out a permanent location. On the same day, the UAE approved opening its own embassy in Tel Aviv.

“The UAE-Israel relationship is a corridor of stability in the region and can serve as an example for future agreements,” Na’eh told the Khaleej Times in the UAE. “Creating a corridor of cooperation, joint ventures, joint research centers and more will serve as an example and model for the whole region.”

Some 130,000 Israelis visited the UAE since the country waived a visa requirement as part of the Abraham Accords and before borders were closed again due to the COVID pandemic

“The embassy will work to advance Israel’s interests and will be at the disposal of its citizens,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement and Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi wished Na’eh success.

“The Foreign Ministry continues to lead the implementation of the peace and normalization agreements in the Gulf and to advance Israel’s international status. The opening of the mission will enable the expansion of bilateral ties between Israel and the UAE, and the full and quick implementation of the potential inherent in our relations,” Ashkenazi said. 

A formal inauguration of the Israeli embassy will take place soon, after Na’eh finishes his quarantine and Israel will open a Consulate General office in Dubai as well.

Ashkenazi also praised the decision to open an embassy in Israel.

“This is an important decision that will facilitate the promotion of the warm ties between our countries and peoples. We look forward to receiving representatives of the UAE soon,” he said.

Israeli is forging ahead with its new diplomatic ties. The Jewish state is expected to open a liaison office in Morocco soon as well.