Iran’s ‘father of nuclear bomb’ assassinated — Israel widely blamed

Ron Cantor —  December 3, 2020 — Leave a comment

Mossad agents are believed to have infiltrated Iran and planning an ambush assassination of Iran’s top nuclear scientist while he was driving with his bodyguards some 40 miles outside of Tehran.

Israel has not commented on the targeted assassination that left 59-year-old Mohsen Fakhrizadeh dead and the country of Iran enraged.

Though Israel is not saying anything, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu mentioned Fakhrizadeh two years ago when he reveled thousands of secret files from an Iranian nuclear facility that Israeli agents spirited out of Iran in a daring heist in 2018.

“Remember that name,” Netanyahu said at the time. 

Until now, few people except for Western and Israeli intelligence officials knew who Fakhrizadeh was or what he looked like. Iran kept him hidden, underscoring how crucial he was to the nation’s nuclear ambitions.


Fox News reported that Fakhrizadeh was under Israeli intelligence service surveillance for many years.” 

“Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was the director of Iran’s military nuclear program. The program’s objective is reducing the size of Iran’s nuclear warheads in order to fit them to long-range cruise missiles that have the range capabilities of reaching as far as Europe,” Sarit Zehavi, CEO and founder of Alma Research and Education Center, told Fox News. 

“We assess that every essential figure in Iran’s military nuclear program is in the crosshairs,” she said. 

Israel rarely comments on attacks such as this, but is widely believed to be behind a series of aerial attacks and bombings on nuclear installation in Iran and Iranian military proxy bases in Syria — close to Israel’s border.

The timing of the hit, with Joe Biden posed to become U.S. president, is also interesting. Biden has vowed to return the United States to a nuclear deal with Iran that was brokered by former President Barack Obama. Trump pulled the U.S. out in 2018 and instead initiated the “maximum pressure” campaign of crippling sanctions on Iran. 

Israel is opposed to the nuclear deal, which it feels gives Iran too much leeway in building its nuclear weapons program. The Jewish state felt more secure under Trump and with a widening circle of allies in the region— including the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain — through the Abraham Accords, brokered by the U.S. administration.