Gentiles Have Something to ‘un’Learn About the Real Yeshua Too!

Ron Cantor —  July 6, 2012 — 3 Comments

Identity Theft intro Part III

In Part one and two I focused on the revelation I had:

  1. I was still Jewish
  2. Yeshua Himself  was a Jew, not to mention all of His initial followers.

However, Gentiles have much to unlearn as well concerning Yeshua and the first believers. The Church’s guilt in obscuring the Jewish nature of this Man from Galilee is well documented. Church fathers taught their followers the most bizarre and unscriptural doctrines, such as:

  • God hates the Jews. (John Crysostom, pictured above)
  • It is your duty to hate the Jews. (same)
  • They are cursed and will never return to be God’s people. (General teaching)
  • The Church is the new Israel. (General teaching)
  • Rejected by God for the killing Jesus (Tertullian)
  • All the promises of God were meant for the Gentiles and the curses for the jews (Eusebius)
  • No one can be both Christian and Jew. (Justin Martyr)

They changed the Gospel and they changed the Savior and the tragic result is that Jewish people see Yeshua “through a glass, darkly,” while God wants them to see Him “face to face.” Identity Theft seeks to do that; to allow my Jewish brothers and sisters to see Him as He truly is: King of the Jews. And for my non-Jewish brothers and sisters, you will meet your Savior in a new and honest way.

God and Man


Wayne Hilsden, pastor of King of Kings community in Jerusalem said it well in his endorsement of the book:

“If Jesus is both 100% deity and 100% human then it’s essential to understand what kind of human He is. He is certainly not a blue-eyed Scandinavian as some have portrayed Him.”

In other words, the Church has gotten it mostly right when it comes to the deity of Yeshua and His mission—namely to die as a sacrifice for sin and rise to new life. But do they know the man Yeshua? It is not just that He was not European, but that he was Jewish. And if you miss this part you miss so much. What? You may ask. That is what we will discuss in the coming weeks and months.

The recreation of Jesus and the Gospel into a something not only un-Jewish, but anti-Jewish, has caused both great tragedy amongst the Jews (The Crusades, The Inquisition) and it has caused non-Jewish believers to be confused as to the nature of Yeshua, His feelings towards His people and the role that they are called to play in Israel’s restoration (Zach. 8:23, Rom. 11:11).

Thankfully God is doing a great work in the last days and the eye of millions of Gentiles believers are being opened to the gruesome act of Identity Theft. They are beginning to pray for their elder brother Israel. They are seeking to see Yeshua as He was and is and as He will come—as the King of Jerusalem. The result will be the One New Man that Paul speaks of (Eph. 2), where Jewish believers will not be asked to leave their identity at the door and Gentiles will be co-heirs with Israel.

Choosing the wrong side

But our work is not done,

The Presbyterian Church (USA) will vote next week at its biannual meeting in Pittsburgh on a proposal to divest from three companies whose products are used by Israel to enforce occupation of the West Bank. (see link to full article below)

These Presbyterians who decry the “great inconvenience and deprivation because of the separation wall,” a fence that was built for the purpose of stopping suicide bombers, will all buy products made in China this week, a country that imprisons and murders believers and exercises slave labor. They stand against the people of God, while they say nothing about her enemies.

Social justice? YES! Stupidity and hypocrisy? NO! The very fence the decry stopped bus explosions and suicide bombers in their tracks. Oh, that they would simply embrace common sense over emotion driven false outrage.

While many believers have embraced God’s heart for Israel, clearly our work is not finished.
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