Gaza Rockets send Tel Aviv into Frenzy

Ron Cantor —  March 15, 2019 — Leave a comment

Pictured above are the remains from one of two rockets fired at Tel Aviv last night. Tel Aviv’ians were startled last night when sirens sounded all over the region. Many assumed it was a test. It wasn’t. While both Hamas and Islamic Jihad (the Iranian backed junior terror group in Gaza) denied responsibility, someone launched them.

Israel responded by bombing 100 targets, but the it was cosmetic according to some ministers, who remarked that it was no way for a sovereign state to show strength. Hamas is claiming it was a mistake.

“I have to tell the truth, I cannot imagine that after a mistake attack on Moscow, Putin would have explained to the Russians that the enemy ‘did it by mistake,’”

Knesset Member Naftali Bennett

Maybe the happiest people in Israel today are those in S’derot and other communities that border Gaza. They have been the recipients of more than 95% of the more than 100,000 rockets Hamas has fired at Israel since we left Gaza in 2005. Maybe now the rest of the country can understand a little bit more how they live, sometimes having to wake up in the middle of the night, several times and run for cover—they have 15 seconds! A child should not have to suffer such trauma.

This was the first attack on Tel Aviv since the 2014 war with Hamas. At that time the attacks were almost daily and had many Israelis mistaking anything from a washing machine to passing motorcycle for a siren warning of incoming rockets.