First Negative Review of Identity Theft

Ron Cantor —  August 4, 2012 — 1 Comment

a little disappointed

After reading Identity Theft, I was left a little disappointed, but ONLY because it was such a GREAT Read and I wanted MORE! I love the dialogue between David and the other Characters… I suppose I could use buzzwords like ‘transparent’ or ‘authentic’, which it was. But even more the dialogue was just REAL; it was like hanging out with a great friend.

Ron Cantor’s ability to take very intense Biblical theological concepts and break them down is extremely effective. And while this book is written in a fictional format, the foundational basis of Truth is unequivocally undeniable, even by the most ardent Theological scholars. I highly recommend this book …

Christine Walker
Congregational Leader/Author
Texoma Messianic Fellowship
Wichita Falls, TX

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