Christian Woman Murdered in Israel

Ron Cantor —  December 21, 2010 — Leave a comment

Several of my friends in the US have asked me for an update on the news story of Kay Wilson and her friend who was murdered, Kristine Luken.

kaywilsonBelow is a report from Revive Israel. Also, there is a video from CBN about Ms. Luken. As of right now, there have been no arrests, and we are not sure if this is a case of terror or robbery. However, I will say that I am shocked by the lack of coverage this has gotten around the world, compared to say, Natilie Halloway. Israel doesn’t want to scare away tourists and the Arab world doesn’t want this out for obvious reasons. But that should not keep the US media from following this story aggresively. (Kristine Luken pictured)

From Revive Israel…

Saturday afternoon, (Dec. 18), Israeli Messianic sister Kay Wilson (46), tour guide for Shoresh Tours, went on a hike with Christian tourist friend, Kristine Luken. They sat down on a hill off the trail near Kibbutz Mata. Two Arab men jumped them.

Kay reports that they removed her “Magen David” necklace and stabbed her 12 times with a long serrated kitchen knife. She pretended to be dead. Kristine panicked and started screaming. She was also stabbed. All their money was stolen. Kay passed out briefly; then awoke with her mouth gagged and hands tied behind her back. She heard Kristine moaning in death throes.

Kay managed to stumble down to a nearby parking area and was found by a group of Israeli children. Police searched the area throughout the night. Kristine’s corpse was found Sunday morning. At the time of this writing, the murderers have not yet been found. Miraculously, Kay is recovering well in the hospital.