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Replacement Theology teaches that God is finished with Israel. Yet John backs up Zechariah and Daniel, in that Yeshua returns to Israel and a national awakening. Be encouraged!

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By Wayne Hilsden, Lead Pastor, King of Kings Community in Jerusalem

A widely distributed Christian magazine published an article concerning Israel a number of years ago. The following are quotes from that article:

“It is a mistake for Christians to exalt Israelis to the position of being ‘God’s chosen people.’”

“The progressive revelation of Scripture makes it clear that, today, God has only one people, and it is the church.”

“We must not apply Old Testament prophecies to the State of Israel when Jesus, Peter and Paul have radically redirected our thinking concerning the covenants of promise. They are now directly to the Church.”

“The Israeli claim to Palestine as a Jewish State by divine right is incorrect, and their continued enforcement of this claim by military oppression is unjust.”

These statements are typical of what is taught in “replacement theology.” Replacement theology teaches, “The Church is Israel”. How is this substitution possible? Covenant theologians claim that because the nation of Israel did not accept Jesus as Messiah, she has been cast off and has forfeited her pre-eminent position in the purposes of God. The Church has become the rightful heir to the blessings once promised to Israel. From God’s perspective the Jewish people today are no more significant than any other racial group, whether it be Italian, Indian or Chinese. Unless the Jews repent, come to faith in Jesus and join the Church, they have no future. Continue Reading…


Thousands of theologians, including John Calvin and Dr. Gary Burge of Wheaton College, insinuate that the disciples were way off base when they asked Yeshua about restoring the Kingdom to Israel. If so, why didn’t Jesus rebuke them? He did at other times when they were wrong. Let’s take a deeper look at Acts 1:6-7.

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In part 1 we made it extremely clear that the meaning of Galatians 3:16 could not be that God’s promises to Israel were never really intended for Israel. Now, we want to seek to understand what the apostle is saying in this somewhat confusing (to our 21st Century minds) passage. I think you will be surprised.

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Were all the promises to Israel—the Land, the Blessings, etc—already fulfilled in Yeshua? Were all the promises of God to Israel, actually not to the Jewish people but only to one Jews, Yeshua? According to Dr. Gary Burge, yes. Let’s investigate.

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