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Eliezer and his young wife move to Israel and vow only to speak Hebrew to each other and to raise the first native Hebrew speaking children in 2,000 years!

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American born Mickey Marcus, was amazed to see Jews fighting for their country. He joined in!

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The amazing story of Israel’s first General. Mickey Marcus could not even speak Hebrew, but he would lead Israel to victory in her War of Independence.

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Israel 8th in world, Bibi fights back, Ilhan rules dems, US to Rec. Golan. Audio feed above. Subscribe on iTunes


History of First Messianic Jewish believers

This summer I gave a message at the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America’s ( yearly Messiah Conference. In this message you will find material that you have not heard before. Most of it comes from my research for writing the second book in the Identity Theft Series, The Roman Connection. We had lots of fun sharing—I think you will enjoy it. You can listen here or download using the link above.