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Full video from ‘Israeli NIght’ at the MJAA’s ‘Messiah Conference.  I was honored to share the main message, which I called: ‘The First Messianics’. Enjoy the entire service, or fast forward to me towards the end.


Ron Interviews His IDF Daughter (Maoz Podcast – Bonus Video) from maozisrael on Vimeo.

Each week, I’m proud to host the “Maoz Israel Report Podcast”.

This week’s episode celebrates my family’s 10 year aliyah anniversary, marking a decade since I, my wife and our 3 daughters immigrated to Israel!

The podcast features an interview with my youngest daughter who is currently serving in the Israeli Defense Forces. It was filmed in the Golan Heights.

This video version allows you to watch the interview. But to hear the entire podcast including my conversation with my wife Elana, you can:


10 years ago today, we moved to Israel! On this special edition, my co-host is my wife Elana!  We discuss what it was like moving to Israel, from America, a decade ago.

And, in the interview segment, I talk with my youngest daughter, Danielle, who is currently serving in the Israeli Defense Forces.  I traveled up to the Golan Heights where Danielle is serving, to interview her. (Watch Video of the interview)

We know you’ll love this very special show, hearing first-hand, what it’s like to be a part of prophecy being fulfilled, as God calls the Jewish people back to Israel from all over the world!

Enjoy!  Subscribe to the Maoz Podcast on iTunes

Show Notes:


Watch video of the interview with Ron and his daughter

Order the music heard at the end of this week’s episode


[note: I met Michel a year ago. Without telling his story, I was so bless to find out that my book, written primarily for Gentile believers, was the final straw that brought him to faith. I asked him to write his story. You will be blessed.]

y name is Michel Gutman. I’m 47, born and raised a Jew (both parents Jewish) in Great Neck, NY. My mother is Israeli, from Hod Hasharon in central Israel. She moved back to Israel 25 years ago after my parents split, and she currently resides in Tel Aviv. I spent every summer of my childhood at my grandparent’s house in Hod Hasharon, and I speak fluent Hebrew. There is one thing that I have always known – I was born a Jew, and I will die a Jew.

Because my mother is Israeli, I have always had dual citizenship – an American passport as well as an Israeli one. In 2009, I moved to Israel, where I lived for several months, before coming back to the US. The time just wasn’t right. I moved to Arkansas, but I believe I will eventually come back “home” to Israel. Continue Reading…

Two thousand years ago Paul, a Messianic Jewish rabbi, concerned about how the Jewish believers were being treated by Roman believers, penned a letter to them. Last week I had the surreal and amazing privilege of teaching part of that letter at a church in Rome.

Ron and Pastor Fernando

Ron and Pastor Fernando

Chiesa Cristiana Evangelica or Evangelical Christian Church invited me to come there and teach on Jewish Roots. Rome is dominated by Catholics. Evangelicals (Bible-Believing Christians) make up just over two percent of Italy’s population while Roman Catholics comprise nearly ninety percent.

Most evangelical churches are small and very traditional. However ECC is large and full of life.

I Came to you with Great Fear and Trembling

As I prepared to minister I felt a tinge of fear. After spending the past two years working on Identity Theft, which had me researching the history of the Roman Catholic Church, I knew that I was not supposed to simply preach a normal message. I had to address the sins of Rome. In fact, I felt quite strongly that I was to preach to “Rome” from Romans 11. Continue Reading…