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With speculation high that Israel might be facing new elections soon, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu placed the blame on the United States for his failure to annex West Bank settlements.

U.S. President Donald Trump is busy with other things, “and this is not on the top of his mind,” Netanyahu said during an interview this week with Israel’s Channel 20.

“It was clear from the start that the application of sovereignty would be done only with agreement from the United States. Otherwise, I would have already done it a while ago,” Netanyahu said.

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Dima Sadek, a prominent blogger in Lebanon, called Israel a cancer after an Israeli website published her criticism of Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed terror organization based in Lebanon.

Since the devastating blast at the Beirut port on Aug. 4, Lebanese citizens have poured into the streets to protest a corrupt government which is partially comprised of Hezbollah, which has taken the brunt of their anger. 

Sadek publishing a video on Twitter lambasting Hezbollah. She addressed the organization’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, after his speech denying claims that Hezbollah was responsible for the port explosion.

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An Italian court ruled on Monday that calling Jerusalem the capital of Israel is tantamount to “disseminating incorrect information.”

The ruling follows a lawsuit filed against an Italian TV game show L’Eradita after the show’s host ruled “Tel Aviv” the incorrect answer to the question asking for the name of Israel’s capital during an episode in May.

Host Flavio Insinna said the correct answer was “Jerusalem.” Since then different Insinna has apologized for raising the issue, saying there were different viewpoints on the matter.

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Venezuela’s Acting President Juan Guaidó wants to set up an embassy in Jerusalem, the Jerusalem Post reported. 

In an interview with Rabbi Pynchas Brener, the newspaper said that a pro-Israel caucus in the Venezuelan national assembly aims to reestablish ties between Venezuela and Israel and for an embassy to be opened in Jerusalem.

“Our desire is to establish the embassy in Jerusalem, just like the US – why not? We are gunning for that,” Brener said.

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At least 60 fires were blazing across southern Israel as Palestinians this week launched multiple arson balloons from the Gaza Strip after several months of calm.

Between the arson balloons and a rocket launched over an Israeli community last week, tensions appear to be escalating again. In response, Israel closed the main border crossing into Gaza while the Air Force attacked targets in the Palestine enclave.

Mayors from Israeli towns around Gaza called on the government to take strong action. 

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