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This is one of the most misunderstood verses in the bible. It has noting to do with food or kosher laws. Find out why God told Peter to eat unclean animals.


Replacement Theology teaches that God is finished with Israel. Yet John backs up Zechariah and Daniel, in that Yeshua returns to Israel and a national awakening. Be encouraged!

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Once, there was much excitement at the idea of Jewish people coming to faith and remaining Jews. However, because of weirdness, false doctrines and anti-Christmas crusaders, some believers have become weary of anything labeled “Messianic”. Hopefully this will help.

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How can you love Israel without loving Israelis? How can you love Israelis if you don’t know any? I believe that God wants the Global church to get to know their “elder brothers”, so they can truly love them, and then be moved to deep intercession.

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So this was pretty amazing! I was interviewed for I24 News here in Israel about being Messianic Jewish. They kept telling me that it would not be a ‘hit’ piece there was nothing to be concerned about. In the end, it was super positive.