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In our final blog on the subject, we want to talk about the role of the nations. God loves the nations! In fact, I will show you that we maintain our ethnic identity after death.

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There is so much confusion regarding Jews and Gentles in the New Covenant. Are Jewish believers still Jews? Do Gentiles need to keep Torah? Are non-Jews second class believers? Has God rejected Israel? In these three blogs we hope to answer these questions, but more importantly make the case that there is equality in the kingdom, and only once we see that equality can we appreciate our distinctions.

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There are many theories regarding Yeshua’s reference to building his Church on a Rock, but while I was teaching at the site where this took place—Caesarea Philippi—it came to me suddenly. What do you think?

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Last week I was interviewed on i24news about Messianic Jews and Passover. This is the second time that they have allowed me to share freely about faith in Yeshua! They are a great Israel news source and you can see them online at