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A fascinating series of short blogs detailing the events leading up to the Six Day Way, the miraculous Israeli victory and amazing facts you probably don’t know that led to the prevention of the Arab would-be destruction of Israel.

In Part 1, I shared the primary precursors to the Six Day War.

  • President Nasser of Egypt blocked the port of Eilat and nationalized the Suez Canal, something if Israel tolerated would cripple her economy.
  • Nassar also kicked out the UN Peacekeeping force in the Sinai desert that was serving as a buffer between Israel and Egypt.
  • And finally, Nassar and Nur al-Din al Atasi, Syria’s president were both publicly threatening Israel’s annihilation.

    Egypt’s Gamal Nasser

Al Atasi’s successor, Hafez al Assad (father of current Syrian President Bashar al Assad) already wielded great power in Syria as its defense minister. He joined the others in calling for the destruction of the Jewish State.

Israel had been putting up with this kind of belligerent rhetoric for years. In 1965 Nassar declared,

“Our aim is the full restoration of the rights of the Palestinian people. In other words, we aim at the destruction of the State of Israel. The immediate aim: perfection of Arab military might. The national aim: the eradication of Israel.”

And if there were any doubts the Arabs wanted war, PLO leader Ahmed Shukairy made their intentions quite clear:

“This is a fight for the homeland. It is either us or the Israelis. There is no middle road. The Jews of Palestine will have to leave. We will facilitate their departure to their former homes. Any of the old Palestine Jewish population who survive may stay, but it is my impression that none of them will survive….We shall destroy Israel and its inhabitants and as for the survivors – if there are any – the boats are ready to deport them.”

His bold prediction was made on June 1, just a few days before the war began. On that same day Germany sent 20,000 gas masks to Israel for fear of biological weapons. The next day Britain began a blood drive for the Jewish state. It was becoming clear—Israel might never see her 20th birthday!

The Arab world was drunk with the idea of Jewish blood spilling. They would get their revenge for 1948, when Israel became a nation on what they consider holy Muslim land.

The Arab Muslim street was shrieking bloodcurdling threats of mass extermination for all Israelis, young and old, and the Arab leaders were falling over themselves to see who could utter the most hideous promise of massacre and slaughter. (Victor Sharpe, The Six Day War: Israel’s Miraculous Victory)

From May 15th Egypt had begun to mass its troops in the Sinai Desert near the Israeli border. Syria, from May 18th, started filling the Golan Heights, overlooking Israel’s cities and towns, with its troops.

On May 30th, with Arab troops surrounding Israel, Israel’s port of Eilat blocked and dealing with daily challenges from the leaders of the Arab nation, Jordan signed a defense pact with Egypt. Nasser celebrated.

The armies of Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon were poised on the borders of Israel…to face the challenge, while standing behind us were the armies of Iraq, Algeria, Kuwait, Sudan and the whole Arab nation. This act would astound the world. Today they would know that the Arabs are arranged for battle, the critical hour had arrived. We had reached the stage of serious action and not declarations.

There was no doubt—the Arab’s wanted WAR. Israel was being goaded into a fight to the death; at least her death. She would either defeat several Arab nations or be destroyed.


Coming… The Western nations Respond and Israel prepares for a Fight to the Death.







Note: It was this past week, 45 years ago that Israel, about to be attacked and possibly annihilated, sent a preemptive strike against Egypt and Syria, beginning what is known today as the Six Day War. I thought it would be good to do a series on the subject. The history if fascinating.

It was considered one the most impressive, if not the most impressive UN peacekeeping missions in history. I am speaking of the United Nations Emergency Force that was deployed in the Sinai Desert from 1956 until 1967. What happened in 1967 that caused this great and impressive force to leave? A letter was sent to the UNEF from Egypt to scat. And scat, they did. Very impressive indeed!

This was in May of 1967. Gamal Nasser, the President of Egypt sent his troops into Sinai to fill the void. Next he closed the straits of Tiran, announcing that no Israeli ship will ever navigate it’s waters again. They also forbid the shipment of strategic materials to Israel on non-Israeli vessels. And to make himself completely clear he sent two submarines, a destroyer and four missile launchers through the Suez Canal to the Red Sea.

Satellite photo of Straits of Tiran and Red Sea

This move would cripple the Israeli economy, as the port of Eilat would be useless. It was in fact, an act of war.

By noon May 23, Israel was in total mobilization:

  • Buses ceased,
  • roads were deserted,
  • foreign dignitaries went home,
  • and El AL flights were cancelled.

Israel was bracing for war.

Years before in 1964, then General Yitzak Rabin, the new chief of staff, testified that any future wars in Israel would have to be won in 4 days — implying that a preemptive strike would be necessary because the economy could not handle a prolonged war. The Mossad, under the direction of Izzy Harel, was brilliant in providing Israel information about her enemies.Israel would have to know exactly when the enemy would strike and then beat her to the punch.

Nasser was ready to attack. The day after the UN forces left, he went to the airwaves to rant.

As of today, there no longer exists an international emergency force to protect Israel. We shall exercise patience no more. We shall not complain any more to the UN about Israel. The sole method we shall apply against Israel is total war, which will result in the extermination of Zionist existence.(6)

Syrian Defense Minister Hafez Assad and soon to be President (father of the current dictator) join in:

Our forces are now entirely ready not only to repulse the aggression, but to initiate the act of liberation itself, and to explode the Zionist presence in the Arab homeland. The Syrian army, with its finger on the trigger, is united…. I, as a military man, believe that the time has come to enter into a battle of annihilation.(7)

There was no question. Israel was about to be attack and their goal was total destruction. Would this be the end of the tiny Jewish nation, born out of the ashes of the Holocaust? Or would somehow, would she miraculously survive the Arab onslaught. Check back soon for part 2… Or subscribed to our email newsletter at the top of the page.