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The police want to arrest Yaakov Litzman for protecting a monster, pedophile. But instead, he is our Health Minister. He is not encouraging social distancing, but wants the synagogues open, ignoring the fact that 3 out of 10 cases of Coronavirus in Israel came from religious gatherings.

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Early headlines around the world and here in Israel declared a big victory for Benjamin Netanyahu. But in the truth, we are in the exact same position as were after the election last April.

For this to be a victory for Bibi, he would have to have won two more seats getting 61 seats—which would mean another government with the orthodox, who steal from the country and don’t serve in the Army.

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Twelve soldiers were wounded, one seriously, in what police are investigating as a car-ramming terror attack near the popular First Station in Jerusalem on Thursday morning.

The driver rammed into a group of soldiers and fled. The car was later found abandoned close to Bethlehem, but the driver has not been found.

IDF Spokesperson Hidai Zilberman said the soldiers were in Jerusalem for a “heritage tour” and an early morning swearing-in ceremony at the Western Wall. Medics said one of the soldiers “was in a serious condition, unconscious and suffering major trauma.” Please pray for him NOW!

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In a rush to judge Israel for a crime it did not commit, Rep. Rashida Tlaib stepped into hot water (again!) by retweeting an inflammatory and inaccurate post accusing Israelis for the death of a young Arab boy. 

The anti-Semitic American representative, who has Palestinian roots, retweeted a post accusing “Israeli settlers” of kidnapping and killing an Arab boy in east Jerusalem.

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