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Call it the Corona Effect if you like, but Israel is expecting aliyah to double this year and a potentially bigger wave in 2021.

Jewish Agency Director-General Josh Schwartz told the Knesset that the pandemic will probably drive up immigration to Israel, with an expected 50,000 Jews moving to Israel in 2020.

While the coronavirus affected many Jewish communities around the globe, Israel managed to control the spread of COVD-19 and had a low death toll of 290 as of Wednesday. A surge in anti-Semitism surrounding coronavirus outbreaks in Jewish communities abroad is probably another factor.

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An Israeli living in Los Angeles told Israel Hayom he believes that Palestinians are exploiting the ongoing riots across American cities as a cover to attack synagogues.

Several L.A. synagogues have been vandalized or even destroyed during the protests, including one in Beverly Hills. “F**k Israel” and “Free Palestine” graffiti appeared on one Los Angeles synagogue during riots this week.

Eyal Dahan said he is sure that people protesting the killing of a black man, George Floyd, at the hands of police in Minneapolis, are not responsible for these attacks. Dahan believes Palestinians “exploited the opportunity to destroy synagogues.”

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Iran allegedly hacked into Israel’s water system and tried to increase the amount of chlorine and other chemicals in the water supply pumped into people’s home, according to the Financial Times which reported details on the April attack this week. 

“If the bad guys had succeeded in their plot we would now be facing, in the middle of the corona crisis, very big damage to the civilian population and a lack of water and even worse than that,” said Yigal Unna, head of the National Cyber Directorate.

The attack on the water supply marks the first time innocent civilians rather than IT or data have been targeted in an apparent tit-for-tat series of cyber-attacks that has been going on between Israel and Iran.

“Cyber winter is coming and coming even faster than I suspected,” Unna said. “We are just seeing the beginning.”

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Israel is gearing up for a controversial decision expected to be taken by the government next month to unilaterally extend the country’s sovereignty to territory that Palestinians also want for a future state. 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said cabinet discussions on annexation would begin on July 1. He is expected to easily secure a majority vote in either the Knesset or within his cabinet. 

But while Netanyahu is pushing forward at full speed, Israel’s main ally, the United States, is trying to put the brakes on annexation at least for now, according to recent media reports. A senior Israeli source said it appears America “want to downplay the enthusiasm” for a fast annexation while it deals with its own domestic problems instead.

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Laurie Cardoza-Moore has now accused me and Dr. Michael L Brown of ‘staging’ confrontations on film. Crazy! First she attacks the Messianic believers in Israel and asks Benjamin Netanyahu – בנימין נתניהו to silence us. Here is my response. forgive me for the humor…if I didn’t laugh, I might cry… I am not personally offended, but I am concerned for the Jewish people who will be turned off to the gospel by her lies about Jewish believers.