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Friends in 32 years of ministry, I can’t think of one time I shared a word from God in the first person on a national level. But as my wife and I were driving from Tel Aviv to Ashkelon today, I began to pray. I started to sense that God was speaking. He started by telling me, “People think you are sharing your political opinion (in a few Facebook posts I posted), I want you to prophesy so they can hear my heart.” And then He began to speak to me about His heart. I immediately wrote it down as soon as arrived at our destination. There are things written below that I had never even thought of until He spoke them.

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Laurie Cardoza-Moore has now accused me and Dr. Michael L Brown of ‘staging’ confrontations on film. Crazy! First she attacks the Messianic believers in Israel and asks Benjamin Netanyahu – בנימין נתניהו to silence us. Here is my response. forgive me for the humor…if I didn’t laugh, I might cry… I am not personally offended, but I am concerned for the Jewish people who will be turned off to the gospel by her lies about Jewish believers.


All over the media in Israel, in opeds and even new reports, the experts have said in response to the new Messianic Cable Channel, Shelanu, “You cannot be Jewish and believe Jesus.” But, there are Jews who are into Zen Buddhism and even atheist Jews. No one ever tells them they are no longer Jewish. But if a Jew believes in Yeshua, suddenly he is not longer kosher!

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