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Ron Cantor claims that the Hebrew word Pesach פֶסַח, which is has been translated as pass-over for centuries, is actually a mistranslation. The real meaning is so much more powerful!




Ron Cantor sits down with Joel C. Rosenberg, NY TIMES bestselling author and Editor-in-Chief of, to talk about the results of the Israeli elections—now that all the votes have been counted.
  • Who will be Prime Minister?
  • Will there be a fifth election?
  • Will Netanyahu resign?
  • Who could replace Bibi?
  • What about Arab Israelis?


“Paul uses five different words in Greek to describe the gifts of the Holy Spirit. In 1 Cor. 12:1 he calls them spirituals (The word gift does not even appear, though it is in most English translations. It is clear that it refers to spiritual abilities by the context.). Then, he calls them charismaton (pl) or ‘grace effects,’ which is ‘a divinely conferred power or talent’—much more powerful than gifts.

“He then refers to them as acts of service and works. And lastly, manifestations. We call them gifts—but Paul used a variety of words to help us understand the charismatic workings of the Spirit. Ironically the Greek word for gift—doro—does not even appear in the text and that is the primary word that we use in English!”

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