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I was in Spain all week and one question that I was asked was, “Do Israelis support Trump?” The answer is, of course!

Bucking a global trend of opposition to the United States, Israel supports America far more than most other countries— 83 percent compared to 54 percent worldwide, according to a Pew Research Survey on “Global Attitudes & Trends.”

Some 70 percent of Israelis expressed confidence in U.S. President Donald Trump, compared to 64 percent of the public in the 33 countries surveyed who do not have confidence in the American president.

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Forty-five heads of state are expected to converge in Jerusalem next week to take part in the Fifth World Holocaust Forum as the world marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp in World War II.

The forum, “Remembering the Holocaust—Fighting anti-Semitism,” will take place on Thursday at the Warsaw Ghetto Square at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial.

 Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prince Charles of Britain’s royal family are among the dignitaries planning to attend. Most of the attendees are heads of state of European countries that were affected in some way by the Holocaust. 

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In a major development that marks a new era in the Middle East energy industry, Israel has begun exporting natural gas to Egypt, according to a joint statement issued by the two countries this week.

Israel will pump an estimated $19.5 billion worth of gas — 85 billion cubic meters — from its two offshore fields, Tamar and Leviathan over 15 years. The gas will be funneled via a subsea pipeline connecting Israel and Egypt.

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Israel is known for sending rescue teams in response to natural disasters around the world, from earthquakes to floods.

And the generosity of the Jewish state is not limited to mankind — The Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem announced that it will donate veterinary medical supplies to help the millions of animals affected by bushfires ravaging the Australian countryside.

Some reports from Australia estimate that 480 million animals have been killed in the fires so far.

The Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem zoo said this week it will donate money and medical supplies for the millions of animals injured including burn creams, milk replacers, wound sprays and hydration concentrates.

Fires have destroyed nearly 20 million acres of land Down Under, killed 25 people, destroyed thousands of homes and knocked out electricity and cellular service in large areas of the country.


Though rain is considered a blessing and it is much needed during the winter months here in Israel, the country is often not equipped to handle the heavy storms that sweep through.

Last week four people were killed in floods, including two people who were trapped in a subterranean elevator in a Tel Aviv parking garage, after heavy rains pounded the center of Israel. My daughter was actually friends with the young couple. It devastated the city emotionally. And, it could have and should have been avoided! Residents are outrages at the failfure of emergency services.

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