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Israeli doctors performed a life-saving surgery on a 10-day-old baby from Syria who was flown to Israel last week for the emergency procedure. 
The baby arrived with his father who is a refugee living in Cyprus. The doctors addressed the infant’s rare congenital defect — hypoplastic left heart syndrome — which is fatal if not repaired. This condition results in the left side of the heart failing to develop properly.
This is the first of this baby’s three surgeries that will be needed, according to Israel doctors who are observing his recovery at Sheba’s children’s hospital. The second will take place in six months and the third when the baby turns two. The family will return to Israel for the follow-up surgeries.
“The first procedure is always the most difficult. We have experience in doing the Norwood procedure on a number of children who come from throughout the region,” said Dr. Alain Serraf, head of the International Congenital Heart Center at Sheba. “If everything goes according to plan, the child can have a normal lifestyle.”

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 An Israeli soldier risked his own safety to rescue a Palestinian man being assaulted by a mob of young Jewish men in the West Bank city of Hebron last Friday.
A video of the incident went viral. The soldier is seen bursting into the crowd of Israelis that surrounded the Arab man and rushing him away from the crowd while warding off the attackers. 
One of the Israelis had Ibrahim Bader, 31, in a headlock when the soldier approached. The soldier freed Bader and then appeared to be hit himself as he escorted Bader to safety. The Israelis gave chase, but the soldier and Bader eventually got away.
Bader later said “God sent” the soldier to save his life, and claimed the attack on him was unprovoked.

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In a first, a senior ambassador from the United Arab Emirates appealed directly to Israelis in an op-ed published in an Israeli newspaper on Friday, stating that Israel’s unilateral annexation of the West Bank could reverse years of progress and normalization of ties between Israel and the Arab world. 
Minister of State Yousef Al-Otaiba, the UAE ambassador to the U.S., wrote in Yedioth Ahronoth about the potential losses and destabilisation that annexation could cause.
“We have conducted quiet diplomacy and sent very public signals to help shift the dynamics and promote the possible,” he wrote. However, an Israeli annexation “will certainly and immediately upend Israeli aspirations for improved security, economic and cultural ties with the Arab world and with UAE.”
“Recently, Israeli leaders have promoted excited talk about normalization of relations with the United Arab Emirates and other Arab states. But Israeli plans for annexation and talk of normalization are a contradiction,” he wrote.

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Sweden and Israel have embarked upon a first-of-its-kind initiative to boost joint research and development projects that hopes to combine Sweden’s strength in high-tech and manufacturing sectors with Israel’s entrepreneurial spirit and research strengths.

The initiative, announced on Tuesday, will be called The Connector.

“The Connector is a long-term effort to bring two highly creative but also different and complementary innovative ecosystems closer,” the parties said in a statement. “Both countries face common challenges in the need to constantly innovate in order to drive economic growth and compete globally.”

Start-up Nation Central, an Israeli nonprofit, has partnered with Sweden’s Innovation Agency Vinnova, Business Sweden – the Swedish Trade and Invest Council and the Swedish Embassy in Israel. 

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With world leaders lining up to warn Israel against unilaterally declaring sovereignty over parts of the West Bank, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is considering a less controversial alternative — the annexation of three large Jewish cities for now.

The annexing of Maale Adumim, Ariel and Gush Etzion could happen after July 1, according to top government sources. The three large “settlements” are already well-defined and would require additional planning, if any.

The sources said that Netanyahu would likely focus on these established blocs rather than declare an overall annexation in the West Bank and the Jordan Valley on July 1, apparently hoping to mitigate opposition while also appeasing right-wing factions of his government.

The United States at the moment seems less enthusiastic for recognizing any Israeli annexation without approval first from a joint U.S.-Israel mapping committee. The committee has been unable to progress these past few months due to the coronavirus pandemic shutdowns. 

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