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Three Israeli cuisine restaurants in Portland, Oregon were targets by vandals over the weekend who scrawled anti-Semitic statements and even the word “murder” on those establishments.

The Portland Police Bureau is investigating the coordinated attacks on three separate restaurants on the same night as hate crimes. 

The graffiti spray-painted on two branches of Shalom Y’all, read, “Hummus is not Israeli,” “Falafel is from Palestine” and, simply, “murder.” Shalom Ya’ll restaurant owners, Kasey Mills, Jamal Hassan and Laura Amans, said the attack was blatantly anti-Semitic.

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The United States provided intelligence that enabled Israeli air strikes on weapons storehouses in Syria overnight on Tuesday, a senior U.S. official said in a rare admission of public cooperation.

The official said the attack had been discussed by Mossad chief Yossi Cohen and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Washington on Monday. 

The attack targeted a series of warehouses used to store weapons and components that support Iran’s nuclear program.

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An American Jewish lobby has a list of “recommendations” for the incoming Biden administration that call for reversing many of President Donald Trump’s pro-Israel policies over the past few years.

Trump has been called the most pro-Israel American president ever, an assessment evidenced by his unprecedented moves to bolster the Jewish state from moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing the city as Israel’s capital to brokering four historic peace deals with Muslim nations. 

J Street is calling on President-elect Joe Biden to reverse many of Trump’s moves including trashing his peace plan “deal of the century” that he proposed for Israelis and Palestinians.

The Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, has reported that the organization “prepared a set of policy recommendations for the…Biden administration that are based on adopting a fresh approach toward the conflict, going beyond what previous administrations have attempted. The group argues in the policy agenda document, obtained by Haaretz, that this approach begins with reversing much of the Trump administration’s moves over the past four years.”

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Defense Minister Benny Gantz, who abandoned his former allies in order to join a failed unity government with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is now calling on centrist and left-wing parties to join forces in the upcoming elections in order to ensure Netanyahu will not win again. Gantz famously blew up the upstart Blue and White party last spring, in an effort to become co-Prime Minister with Netanyahu. But he should have thought twice before jumping into bed with the most seasoned political tactician Israel has ever known.

Gantz apologized that the he “shook the hand of this man whom I pledged to replace, I shook the hand of a serial promise-breaker,” in an address to the nation on live TV.

He explained that he made a deal with Netanyahu in order to save the country which was facing the beginnings of the COVID pandemic sweeping through Israel. 

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Israel has set a breakneck record in administering the COVID-19 vaccine, inoculating some 1.5 million of its 9 million citizens in just over two weeks. 

That is about 15 percent of the population and not even considering that some 4 million school children are not eligible for the vaccine which has only been tested for people 16 years old and over. 

While appointments with one’s health maintenance organization in Israel can many ties take weeks to get, months for surgeries and then hours in a waiting room, Israel has displayed a frenzied efficiency with the vaccinations that has become the envy of the world.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who became the first Israeli to get his shot in a nationally televised display, is personally driving the campaign. His vaccine campaign coincides with his own reelection campaign as the country counts down to elections in March. Netanyahu visits vaccination distribution centers on a daily basis and appeared with milestone shot recipients such as the 500,000th and the millionth. 

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