AUDIO: Honoring Dan Juster

Ron Cantor —  June 15, 2011 — Leave a comment

Hey everyone, I had the amazing honor of bringing the keynote message at the recent Tikkun America conference. None of the more veteran leaders in Israel were available, so I got the call from the bullpen. It was wonderful timing as we are transitioning MMI from being under Tikkun to Maoz Israel. {mp3}ron.honor.dan{/mp3}

(Note: If that is news to you, please read here).Dr_Daniel_C_Juster

It gave me an opportunity, in the presence of many witnesses, to share how impactful Dan Juster, the international director of Tikkun, has been in my life. We have put the audio below. Please take time to listen to how God brought us together and how the trials we walked through, whether the tragic death of his youngest son Sammie, or how Dan and Patty were there for me when I almost cut my left hand off with a power saw, strenghtend our relationship. At the end of the day, the kingdom is ALL about relationships between God and His primary creations, Humans, and their interactions together.