About @RonSCantor (Ron Cantor)

Shalom from Israel! I’m @RonSCantor and thanks so much seeking to learn a little bit more about me. If you are new to Twitter—or know someone who is—I highly recommend you check out @MichaelHyatts Beginner’s Guide to Twitter.

Here I am with our Isaiah 2 Team from our 2010 outreach to Ukraine.

I lead a ministry in Tel Aviv called Messiah’s Mandate. Our focus is:

  • Raising up young Israeli Messianic Jews into leadership.
  • Through the Isaiah 2 Initiative, take them on outreach trips to revival hotspots in 3rd World Countries (Like Nigeria and Uganda). During out last trip to Nigeria, our team of Israeli believers saw 67,000 people make professions of faith. Now, we are planning an outreach to Uganda in 2013.
  • Opening up the eyes of believers around the world to the Jewish Roots of the New Covenant through doing Identity Theft Seminars (showing how Yeshua was robbed of His Jewishness… and how it is being restored on our days.).
  • Books: I just finished my third book called Identity Theft. Click here if you want to learn more about the book.

I am part of the leadership team of Tiferet Yeshua, a Hebrew-speaking congregation in the heart of Tel Aviv. In addition, I serve Maoz Israel (@MaozIsrael), led by Ari and Shira Sorko-Ram, by writing a regular blog and producing powerful, informative videos like this one, www.roncan.net/MAVugT and this one, www.roncan.net/MAVMV2.

My Story

You can read the story of how I became convinced that Yeshua is the Messiah here: Ron’s Story.


I seek to blog four to five times a week at RonCantor.com. I focus my blogs on a few different areas:

  • History of Israel/Palestinian Conflict
  • Life as a Messianic Jewish immigrant in Israel
  • The Jewish Roots of the New Covenant
  • Teaching to build up your faith
  • We also post updates from the Isaiah 2 Initiative

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One of my readers said of the free book:

So many things you said resonated afresh in my heart and possibly more importantly in my mind. THE BEST was when you talked about all the lies and bravado in warfare… It was like a horribly dim lightbulb in my mind had been replaced with a way brighter one! 

I feel calmer and more confident than I have in months – I realize now where I have been off track, have repented and fully intend to be more vigilant against this ridiculous attack.

You can sign up at the bottom of this page to get the free book, but first, you must endure my formal BIO. It is a little ‘stuffy’, and best used for speaking engagements and interviews.

Now, for my more formal BIO:

Messianic Jewish Communicator Ron Cantor embraced Yeshua as an 18-year-old, drug-using agnostic. He then attended CFNI in New York, and Messiah Biblical Institute, where Ron received his degree. Ron served on the pastoral team at Beth Messiah Congregation in Rockville, Maryland, before heading overseas to Ukraine and Hungary where he and his wife Elana trained nationals for Jewish Ministry. Ron then served on the faculty of the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry teaching and mentoring young leaders.

Elana, Danielle, Yael, Sharon and Ron (This was taken when Yael was formally inducted into the Israel Defense Forces)

Ron travels throughout the U.S. and abroad sharing passionately on the Jewish Roots of the New Testament and God’s broken heart for His ancient people Israel. Ron has been privileged to bring the Jewish Roots message to Brazil, Ukraine, Switzerland, France, Russia, Hungary, Israel, Germany, Argentina and most recently, to Uganda and Nigeria.

In June 2003, Ron and Elana returned with their three children to the Land of Israel where they now live and minister. During this time Ron has served as the associate leader of King of Kings Community in Jerusalem, as well as the interim senior leader.

Ron heads the Isaiah 2 Initiative, an Israeli based vision to see the good news go forth from Zion to other nations. In their trips to Nigeria and Ukraine they have seen tens of thousands of people profess faith in Yeshua.

Ron also serves with Maoz Israel blogging and making informative videos about life in Israel. He and Elana are part of the leadership team at Tiferet Yeshua, a Hebrew-speaking congregation in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Ron and Elana sharing in Budapest Hungary

Ron’s wife Elana is a passionate communicator in her own right. Elana shares from her rich experiences growing up in Israel.While she has only recently begun to speak publicly, audiences have been blessed by her compassionate style and her humorous approach.

Ron and Elana have three daughters, Sharon, Yael and Danielle.


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