A Note from My Soldier Daughter (near Gaza)

Ron Cantor —  July 12, 2014 — Leave a comment

Note: Danielle received permission from her commander to share this brief record. She is stationed just outside of Gaza. And can I say as a father, that I am very proud of her!

Dear friends,

As you may have heard, a large number of soldiers are stationed just a few kilometers outside of Gaza. I am one of them.

Since I have been here I have had to run to the bomb shelter about 10 times. When the siren sounds we have 15 seconds to get to safety. Then the siren stops and there is a boom or two. That means  that it landed and exploded or that it was intercepted by the Iron Dome. The louder the boom, the closer it was. The first couple times was scary, but now it is just routine.

I am not in a combat unit, but all the combat units are in our command. I have been in the south for almost two weeks straight, just a few kilometers outside of the Gaza Strip. I cannot say what I do, where I am exactly, why I am here or what is happening.

I can tell you though, our soldiers are stronger than ever, so devoted, ready to give their lives for our country. I am deeply moved and I feel so blessed to be a part of this operation—to give the little I can give.

May I ask, you our friends, to pray for all the young Israeli soldiers, from those who are doing paper work to those on the battlefield. Please intercede for the protection of both Israel’s and Gaza’s innocent civilians. The Israeli Defense Forces are doing their best to protect BOTH.

Thank you so much,

Danielle Cantor