Video: When was Jesus/Yeshua Born?

Ron Cantor —  December 23, 2015 —  Comments

As you all know, it doesn’t matter WHEN Yeshua was born, but more that HE WAS born. Nevertheless, our latest video speculates when he may have been. And the conclusion is quite powerful! But you will need your math hat.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 5.08.38 PM


Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 10.18.20 AM

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  1. .Johnson says:

    Thank you Mr. Ron GOD BLESS YOU for your work.

  2. 54Forty says:

    Wonderful Ron- I tend to agree with you (fools never differ ?). I have also followed with some interest the different arguments about timing. The Feast of Trumpets argument seemed pretty convincing for a while.
    But the calculations are only a support mechanism- the real argument that convinces me are the actual steps taken in the Torah for Passover, which you have referred to. Those preparations were only a “shadow” of the real event- in other words, the Sacrifice of the Lamb of God, was the real event as we know. But of course it would follow the events that shadowed, or prepared the people for the greatest event in History.
    So it stands to reason He was born in Bethlehem- where sacrificial lambs were raised. Of course he was born at the time the lambs were being born. Of course He presented Himself to Jerusalem (Palm Sunday) at the time the lambs were arriving for the Passover (and 1 year later- a Lamb of 1 year). And of course he arrived 4 days before the sacrifice- as Moses commanded- so He could be with them, and endeared to the “family” for 4 days before the crucifixion.
    In any event, I have sent you a small donation, and may I add my wishes to you, your wife and family for a very Merry Christmas, and any excuse to celebrate our Saviour’s Birth, and for another fruitful year in Tel Aviv…. gnc