[Podcast] Interview with leader in Chinese Underground Church and more

Ron Cantor —  September 25, 2013 —  Comments

Ron Cantor and the Maoz Media team are back with the 31st episode of the Maoz Israel Report Podcast!

This broadcast is brought to you from Jerusalem at a special Maoz Conference called the China Israel Destiny Conference. Ron gives a brief update on current events in Israel followed by an exclusive interview with Ari Sorko-Ram, founder of Maoz Israel, and Pastor Paul, a pastor of the underground church in China.

Plus, at the end of the podcast stay tuned to hear “Haim Lo Tivke (Will You Not Weap)?” by Shani Sorko-Ram Ferguson from album Garden of Secrets.

Enjoy!  And please send us feedback at:  ron@cantorlink.com and Subscribe to the Maoz Podcast on iTunes

Show Notes:

“This broadcast is brought to you by Maoz Israel Ministries”


My view of Jerusalem from the 16th floor of the Shalom Hotel.

Picture of our view of Jerusalem

“Sukkot 5774: Build Your Booth and Dwell In It”

“Click here to buy original album, Garden of Secrets by Shani Sorko-Ram Ferguson”

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