3 Keys to Overcoming Depression

Ron Cantor —  June 27, 2012 —  Comments

Yeshua said that He came to give us life and “life more abundantly” (John 10:10b). When I think of adjectives to describe this incredible abundant life, the word depressed doesn’t come to mind. Why is it then that so many of us who have embraced Yeshua find ourselves struggling with feelings of despair and hopelessness and this abundant life so elusive? This can’t be what Yeshua had in mind!

Now I understand that there are those whose depression is at a level where a biblical pep talk isn’t going to change them. Some need medication; others need deliverance. Yet for most of us we simply to need to have a fresh encounter with the truth in order to overcome negative thinking.


The truth is that God is in control.  When we let natural things like a mortgage payment or losing a job get us down, we are actually saying that God is not in control. God never panics. He knows everything going on in your life—and why. You might think your mortgage payment is a pretty big deal, but not compared to standing with a million plus complaining Israelites on the edge of the Red Sea with the Egyptian army on your back (who, by the way, are all mourning the death of their firstborn sons because of you!). And God came through! The sea parted, the Israelites were saved and the Egyptian army defeated. I like to remind myself that God is not worrying about my future, my finances, my health or anything else.His will is not weak and will come to pass.But the plans of the LORD stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations. (Ps 33:11)


The last time I was in need, He provided. I went through a period just after we had Sharon (more than 22 years ago) where I would suffered horrible emotional attacks as I realized there was no way I could provide my family’s needs financially. These attacks did not last long, but during the time that I was suffering under them, they were paralyzing. And guess what? I survived. God provided. My family has eaten and our bills have been paid. The fear was a lie!But now that I have passed through it, I can remind myself that God has always provided in the past. His past faithfulness in my life strengthens my faith for tomorrow. This was the big mistake of the children of Israel in the desert. After the 10 plagues they should have been able to trust God. After the parting of the Red Sea and God’s miraculous deliverance, they should have been able to believe that He would care for them. One of the purposes of God in revealing His faithfulness to us is so we will trust Him in the future. Write them down! And then, in the midst of an attack, remind yourselves of them.


Many times thoughts of depression are not merely coming from your brain, but there is a spiritual attack being unleashed against you. Don’t take it lying down. If you are attacked with a wave of depression, treat it just as if someone is physically attacking you and fight back! In the spirit we fight back with the word of God. In Matthew 4 the enemy attacked Yeshua three times with negative, demonic thoughts—Yeshua overcame him by quoting the word of God. The result: “Then the devil left him, and angels came and attended him.” (Matt 4:11)When you feel a barrage of negative thoughts coming against you, simply say “No!” Resist those thoughts and think positive thoughts that line up with God’s word. There is so much life in the word of God. These words, these divine promises, are not merely words on paper—they are the very nature of God, that when read, produces life, grace, favor and blessing in the heart of the reader.

God is in control. He has provided in the past. He will be faithful in the future. When the enemy comes against you with thoughts of depression you can fight him with the truth of the word of God! God has equipped us with weapons to fight and overcome (2 Cor. 10:3-5). Remember, Yeshua has promised us abundant life. Yes, there is a thief who comes to rob us of this life (The thief comes to kill, steal and destroy [John 10:10a]), but we have overcome him through Yeshua (John 5:4-5).

Now, tell me a story in the comments section how you have overcome difficult times?

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  1. LH says:

    Thank you for the encouraging words in your article on depression. It came at a most appropriate moment! I call it a divine appointment.
    Blessings to you,

    1. Ron Cantor says:

      Thank you LH. Wow. So encourage to here those words. Maybe you would like to share it with others by clicking on the Facebook or twitter buttons. Blessings.

  2. Bruce says:

    Amen brother Ron, the LOrd has given us everything we need for life & Godliness. Before I gave my life to the LOrd I had depression, went to a psychiatrist for a year or so, thank God I would never take the drugs. I have been saved for 30 years now. I never get depressed, I tried it & I did not like it, so I daily encourage myself in the Lord. I praise him , I make melody in my heart to him, I meditate on his word. Brethren just speak to your soul & say soul do not be downcast but hope in God our Savior & our King. Praise your way to victory. For in his presence is fullness of JOY! A merry heart is good medicine to heal you & set you free in the mighty name of Yeshua. Glory to God, his love for us is powerful & he helps us to be over comers in this life & forever.

    1. Ron Cantor says:

      Amen Bruce! Thanks for joining the conversation!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m going through some depression due to career/financial problems, so thanks for sharing this. I just hope it’s true.

    1. Ron Cantor says:

      It is true, unless you have a genuine medical issue, take hold of His word! Keep us posted.

  4. Petra says:

    Well I have a medical condition called depression, and I struggle with spiritual warfare. So on both battlefronts I contend with the chemical imbalance in my brain at various intervals throughout my life, and at the most difficult times spiritual leaning is not enough to heal me without the help of medicine and counseling. Depression isn’t only a spiritual battle for the clinically depressed. Once the seratonin levels drop because of a trigger brought on by a change in the environment: a divorce, death of a loved one, job loss, move etc. can be enough to trip that trigger in the brain that leads to the onset known as depression. It is nothing to be ashamed of, and help is available. Many suicides and thoughts of hopelessness could be eliminated if people understood the physical causes of depression and not blame them on a spiritual condition or weakness of mind, body, or soul. Medical doctors treat depression much like any other physical ailment, because that’s what it is, not spiritual. The times I tried to battle depression alone with only the help of prayer, familial support, church/synagogue and spiritual understanding it did not stop a depression. Only science did. All these things contribute to wholeness, but should not be confused with depression being an absence of any of the above.

  5. Ron, you may or may not know but I’ve struggled with GAD/depression for over 8 years now. As I began to understand the symptoms I began to see them filtered throughout my childhood. As I grew into adulthood and responsibility turned reality they became stronger. I have had a ‘handle’ on them for several years not having episodes until just this past week. I began to feel the onslaught of fears and worry even thoughts of going crazy coming over me… they were paralyzing, even to the point of forgetting how to ‘fight’ the attack that I knew was coming against me. After prayer with my husband and a long talk with my mom/pastor, I began to feel a beam of light so to speak break through mentally. I knew that The Lord had intervened and that I was going to come through this! Since then, The Lord has used posts, blogs, books, quotes, you name it He put it in front of me these past few days, he began to remind me of who I was, HIS! I could picture this in hindsight as I read your blog just now, being reminded of the ministering angels that came to Jesus after the enemy had been defeated! How beautiful to ‘see’ in the spiritual realm what God does for us! Thank you for this post! It took me a few days to come around to reading it, but God has used it to once again remind me that I have what it takes inside me, I have Jesus! Even as I write this, Kim Walker is singing “I am Your” in the background! God is so faithful!! Blessings brother! Looking forward to our time with you and Elana in the next few weeks! Praying for you and your team!

  6. Rae-Lynn says:

    I am struggling with fear right now because of a decrease in my families income. I am behind on my rent, and have a lot of bills to pay. My daughter Sarah is getting married in October, my daughter Jennifer is starting her sophmore year of college and I am freaking out because right now there is no way that I will be able to take care of those things financially. I also know that the Lord’s share 1/10 of what we make is HIS. I am actually wrestling with GOD about this. Becoming depressed and feelings of doubt come to my mind. Fighting with my husband and so on……The reason I am reading your blog is because my wonderful husband of God sent it to me to help me. i have a wonderful congregational family who are there for me and that remind me of all the Lord has for me and what HE’s already given me. But because we are of the “flesh” we are weak and we need to stand in Gods word everyday. I stood up in front of my congregation last year and gave a testimony of all the works that the Lord had done in my life. And here I am…just like the Jews who were set free but kept complaining and forgetting all that God had already done for them! Thank you God for your grace…and for your mercy!

  7. Linnie says:

    Growing up Catholic, we always carried about a weight of sin, even though we knew that Yeshua died for us. I gave my life to Christ at 19 because of a Messianic Jewish woman who witnessed to a friend of mine from high school on the beach in Miami, Florida where my high school friend worked. She taught my friend to hide God’s word in her heart, and that God loved her. When my friend came back to NY, she witnessed to me and shared her testimony about when she gave her life to Yeshua. For me, learning the Jewish aspects were important, as my Grandparents came from Belarus, in a largely Jewish area of Dryla in Minsk. My grandmother brought customs with her to the States. I always say that I will get my DNA tested, and my sons’ to see if there is any Jewish ethnicity in us (but with 3 teens still at home, I have other priorities!). I liked reading about “life.” Coming out of idolatry, we had a skewed idea of what life was, kind of a perfect image. Even though I am older now, God reveals more and more to me of this abundant life. That’s why I liked reading your blog.