Jesus vs. Mohamed

Ron Cantor —  September 16, 2016 —  Comments

I have heard several times, even from the US president, that we can’t be too hard on Radical Islam because Christians are guilty of the same thing. Indeed, there is a bloody history of so-called Christians carrying out the most heinous acts against, not only Jews, but Muslims as well.

Crusades Were Brutal

One can argue whether or not the Crusades were justified, as Islamic forces were moving west. But no one can argue about the fact that the Crusaders were vicious in every way, committing rape and murder on their way to the Holy Land—wiping out entire Jewish communities—and then once there, committing every kind of atrocity one can imagine, all in the symbol of the cross.


Now, you may have noticed that I referred to the Crusaders as so-called Christians. But I don’t refer to ISIS fighters or Al Qaeda as so-called Muslims. And that is the main point here—this is where President Obama and others bypass the main difference.

You see, in nearly every religion—even Judaism—there is always a radical element that develops. The question is what did the religion teach in its original context. If anyone chooses to kill in the name of Jesus, using the symbol of the cross, he is doing exactly what Jesus taught us NOT to do. When an ISIS fighter rapes and kills in the name of Islam, he is doing exactly as Mohamed did. I know that is not politically correct, but it is true.

Jesus vs. Mohamed

Jesus gave his life as a sacrifice, Mohamed took other’s lives to expand his power. Yeshua said if you look at a woman and lust, you are guilty of adultery, whereas Mohamed had sex slaves, married a six year old and consummated that marriage when she was nine. Yeshua told us to love our enemies and even serve them (Matt. 6)  Beyond what they  demand.   Mohamed enslaved, raped and murdered his enemies.

No one could ever come away from reading the New Testament thinking that Jesus was teaching us to take over the world by force in his name. In fact, this is exactly what he didn’t do against the Romans, when many of his followers, even his disciples expected him to. However, no one could come away from reading the Koran and not think that a forceful worldwide takeover is the goal. Islam means surrender.

Radical Islamists are Practicing Mohamed’s Islam

So, to be clear, the big difference between the Crusaders and radical Islamists is this: The Crusaders claimed Jesus, but did not do as he taught. Based on the fruit of their lives, they were not genuine born again believers. However, ISIS and Al Qaeda are doing exactly what is taught in the Koran and was practiced by Mohamed and by all accounts are good Muslims—meaning they are evil imperialists. It is the moderates, one could argue, that are backslidden.

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  1. Steve W says:

    During the time of the crusades the Catholic clergy had a very tight control over any and all religious teaching, aided and abetted by the fact that the vast majority of Europeans were illiterate. They simply didn’t know the REAL teachings of scripture because they couldn’t read, so it was very easy for the clergy to manipulate them into believing horrendous false teachings and bizarre superstitions that were completely unbiblical. While this certainly doesn’t excuse the atrocities committed by the crusaders, their heinous violent acts of murder and rape were totally contrary to the teachings of scripture – especially contrary to the teachings of Yeshua. On the other hand, from the very inception of Islam muslim atrocities committed during the many military invasions and conquests of Islam, were in accordance with the Quran’s teachings and historical record of Mohammed’s world view and pattern of violence, murder and rape.

    1. Ron Cantor says:

      This is true, and they used the same tactics. They told the ‘crusaders’ that whoever dies in battle goes straight to heaven.

  2. Jan Evendijk says:

    Hi Ron,

    Thanks for handing over such clear arguments about the difference between crusaders and muslims. Another discussion that often pops up very often is about the extermination of nations living in Canaan when the people of Israel conquered the country. It would be very much appreciated if you write a similar story about the difference between the God in the Old Testament who ordered the people of Israel to eradicate the nations of Canaan [e.g. Deuteronomy 20:17] and Allah, who is ordering to kill everyone not willing to surrender to islam and conquer the world.