Communism is Evil: The Chinese and the Olympics

Ron Cantor —  August 3, 2012 —  Comments

Note: There are several YouTube videos here. We recommend that you read the whole article first.

For the People, not the party

Abraham Lincoln in his most famous speech, the Gettysburg Address, spoke about the greatest assets we have as Americans. He said our government was “of the people, by the people, for the people.”

I contrast this with present-day Communist China; a government that is of the leaders, by the leaders, for the leaders. Which is so ironic, because socialism claims to be all about fairness. Nothing could have made this any clearer than the story of Gold Medal winning diver Wu Minxia.

When I heard that her parents did not tell her that her grandparents had died for fear of distracting her in the Olympics, I assumed that they had died suddenly—within the past week—since she left China for London. I thought, that’s understandable.

I nearly fell out of my chair when I read a little further that HER GRANDPARENTS HAVE BEEN DEAD FOR A YEAR!

Unlike in America, the rich Chinese government backs their athletes and “have a harsh, almost militaristic ‘win at all costs’ mentality. Athletes in China are often taken away from their families at very young ages to train for hours on end. In the case of Wu Minxia, she began diving training at age 6, and left home at 16, bound for a government aquatic training institute.

“The Chinese government only publicly congratulates gold medalists through the media – not silver or bronze.”[i]

In short, it is a sick culture that values government face-saving pride over its precious children. It robs youngsters of their innocence and destroys families. And we are just talking about the Olympics—not slave labor!

Wu Minxia’s father lamented, “We accepted a long time ago that she doesn’t belong entirely to us. I don’t even dare to think about things like enjoying family happiness.”[ii]

Contrast that with the American athletes. First of all, they are privately funded by Americans, not America. We love our athletes even more than we love winning… although we do love winning. And yes, to be an Olympian means hard work and incredible dedication. No Olympian from any nation enjoys a completely normal life. But a child should never feel that she has shamed her family and country if she doesn’t bring home the Gold.

Had Derek Been Chinese, he would still be in Barcelona

Thank goodness that Derek Redmond was British and not Chinese. In 1992, while running the 400-meter semi-final he tore his hamstring. He collapsed as if he had been shot. The moving YouTube videos that highlight this tragic event have received tens of millions of views, as he picks himself up in order to wobble to the finish line—even after everyone else had finished.

Yet the act that has caused grown men to break down in tears is when his father runs through security to help his son get to the finish line. If he were Chinese, he might still be laying on that track! A shame to his government!


You would think with all that pressure and money the Chinese would win every event. And yet it is the care-free, fun-loving Americans who lead the medal count (although for some bizarre reason, CNN shows China in the lead…hmmm…could make a joke here: Communist News Network?) The US has 37 medals to China’s 34, both with 18 gold.

Silver Medal: a disgrace to government, family and supporters?

Wu Jingbiao, who won silver in weightlifting, wept bitterly after missing gold saying, “I’m ashamed for disgracing the motherland, the Chinese weightlifting team and all those who supported me. I’m sorry.”[iii]

(Below is an unofficial Chinese news report on the absurdity of the Chinese attitude concerning the Olympics.)

While Chinese government officials pressure their athletes to victory or shame, the Americans are making silly YouTube videos that are going viral, revealing that they’ve truly got it right. With nearly 5,000,000 views, their high-spirited rendition of Carlie Rae Jepson’s Call Me Maybe[iv] reveals these kids having fun—serious, yes—pushed by an overbearing nation to win or be dishonored and humiliated, no!

Who knows, with the internet, unofficial Chinese news outlets speaking the truth…and even some athletes ignoring the ‘party’ and thanking her parents, maybe things will change in China. Sadly, no one is holding their breath—well, unless it becomes an Olympic sport, then the Chinese will be sure to find some three year old to take into training.

FOOTNOTE 1: Check out this unofficial Chinese report about the courage of a medal winner thanking her parents and not the government. She knew exactly what she was doing. Who knows what awaits her back in China.

FOOTNOTE 2: In case anyone is confused, I love the Chinese people and as a Jew, their food! There is a great underground revival in China where as many as 10,000 people a day are coming to faith. My issue is with the criminal communist party leaders.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Comment below! Are the Chinese too tough? What about the Americans?

[ii] ibid


[iv] Having taken a peak at the real video for this song, I don’t recommend it! I just love the spirit of the athletes having fun with it.


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  1. Communism is, indeed, truly evil. There is always that allegiance to the party in power above any other allegiance. It is a true form of atheism which has no honor or morality espoused by it, except to give complete submission to the tyrannical system that controls it. This is just one more way for the Adversary to rob man of their innate built-in inclination to look to a true, living deity. As believers, we know that it is one more way for the kingdom of darkness to hold people hostage, so they will not come to know the Truth of the Messiah and His Kingdom. Praise be to the Holy One, blessed is He, they are losing their hold on many Chinese people. There is a great revival going on in China. I was once fellowshipping with Chinese believers and I related to them that when I remarked to a friend about the size of the huge Chinese army, the L_rd said to me “I have a huge Chinese army that is on its knees praying for Israel.” I was brought to tears because that is how the war will be won, ulitmately. My Chinese brothers and sisters were moved to tears and praise that Adonai was acknowledging the underground prayer army being built up in China to pray for Israel and the return of Yeshua. Thank you for this post, Brother. I am praying for our Chinese brothers and sisters.

  2. Beloved18 says:

    As bad as China is, N. Korea is even worse.–abc-news-topstories.html I read Escape from Camp 14 this last spring, and I am energized to pray for North Koreans like never before. I want you to read it, too, Ron. God deeply wants change for the people of North Korea.

    1. Ron Cantor says:

      I’m on it! Thanks!

      1. Beloved18 says:

        When I saw Night and Fog when I was a sophomore, my world changed. I had not heard about the Holocaust before then. I went home, threw up, and said, “This can’t ever happen again.” G-d drew me to stand alongside the Jewish people passionately partly through this film. (not for viewing by children) That film depicts the epitome of evil. For several years, I was able to show it the high school I work in as part of the curriculum. I had filed “Nazi camps” under “horrors which must never happen again.” It was not until I read Escape from Camp 14 that I recognized the beast alive again– and for more than the last fifty years. Thousands have been sent to the camp because their relatives escaped to South Korea– and once there, they and any progeny they are allowed by the camp to have are slaves there for live. Anyone in a camp is considered to have “bad blood” which must be cleansed. Here are the Ten Commandments of camp life– which students must recite upon demand. 1. Do not try to escape. Anyone caught escaping will be shot immediately. Any witness to an attempted escape who fails to report it will be shot immediately. Any witness to an attempted escape must promptly notify a guard. Groups of two or more are prohibited from assembling to devise a plot or to attempt to escape. 2. No more than two prisoners can meet together. Anyone who fails to secure permission from a guard for a meeting of more than two prisoners will be shot immediately. Those who trespass into the guards’ village or who damage public property will be shot immediately. No gathering may exceed the number of prisoners allowed by the guard in charge. Outside work, no group of prisoners may gather without permission. At night, three or more prisoners cannot travel together without permission from the guard in charge. 3. Do not steal. Anyone found stealing or in possession of arms will be shot immediately. Anyone who does not report or who aids a person who has stolen or possesses arms
        will be shot immediately. Anyone who steals or conceals any foodstuffs
        will be shot immediately. Anyone who deliberately damages any materials used in the camp
        will be shot immediately. 4. Guards must be obeyed unconditionally. Anyone who harbors ill will toward or physically assaults a guard
        will be shot immediately. Anyone who fails to demonstrate total compliance with a guard’s instructions
        will be shot immediately. There must be no backtalk or complaints to a guard. When meeting a guard, one must bow deferentially. 5. Anyone who sees a fugitive or suspicious figure must promptly report him. Anyone who provides cover for or protects a fugitive
        will be shot immediately. Anyone who holds or hides a fugitive’s possessions, conspires with him, or fails to report him
        will be shot immediately. 6. Prisoners must watch one another and report any suspicious behavior immediately. Each prisoner must observe others and remain vigilant. The speech and conduct of others must be observed closely. Should anything arouse suspicion, a guard must be notified immediately. Prisoners must faithfully attend meetings of ideological struggle and they must censure themselves and others vehemently. 7. Prisoners must more than fulfill the work assigned them each day. Prisoners who neglect their work quota or fail to complete it will be considered to harbor discontent and
        will be shot immediately. Each prisoner must be solely responsible for his work quota. To fulfill one’s work quota is to wash away sins, as well as to recompense the state for the forgiveness it has shown. The work quota as assigned by a guard may not be changed. 8. Beyond the workplace, there must be no intermingling between the sexes for personal reasons. Should sexual physical contact occur without prior approval, the perpetrators will be shot immediately. Beyond the workplace, there must be no conversing between the sexes without prior approval. One is prohibited from visiting bathrooms designated for members of the opposite sex without prior approval. Without special reason, members of opposite sexes many not go about holding hands or sleep alongside each other. Without prior approval, prisoners may not visit living quarters of the opposite sex. 9. Prisoners must genuinely repent of their errors. Anyone who does not acknowledge his sins and instead denies them or carries a deviant opinion of them
        will be shot immediately. One must reflect deeply upon the sins he has committed against his country and society and strive to wash himself of them. Only after have acknowledged and reflected deeply upon them can a prisoner begin anew. 10. Prisoners who violate the laws and regulations of the camp
        will be shot immediately. All prisoners must truly consider the guards as their teachers, and, abiding by the ten laws and regulations of the camp, yield themselves through toil and discipline to washing away their past errors.” from Escape from Camp 14 (Harden 193-196).

      2. Beloved18 says:

        These Ten Commandments of North Korean “camp life” put not gaining a gold metal into perspective and shows part of what the disgraced athletes have to “look forward to.” If they were to try to defect, every member of their extended family would be rounded up and moved to a camp.

  3. Stephanie says:

    I have had the privilege and pleasure of both working with and socializing with a number of the Chinese students and staff at my university. They are wonderful people! They are warm, friendly, and very family-oriented. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for their government or its policies. In many ways they are in bondage and need our prayers for their atheistic, domineering political system to fall and set them free.

    1. Ron Cantor says:

      Amen…love the Chinese, hate the system of bondage and slavery that their leaders put them in

  4. weepingwillow says:

    Yes, truly sad but an example of a totalitarian regime..perhaps I am wrong but my understanding is that this was true also in the old URSS (not sure if in present day Russia) with their all their athletes, ballet dancers, ice-skaters, etc. & all the Countries that used to be “behind the iron curtain” like Ukraine, Romania, etc.