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The Jerusalem Secret:
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Upcoming tour of Israel on April, 2017:

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Blog on Yom Shishi, Friday

Yom Shishi—Friday—In Israel

Blog from Yonotan Allon about our dear brother we lost in Suk Eitan in Gaza, Shi Kushner:

Remembering Shai Kushnir: A Messianic Fallen IDF Soldier

Song at the end about Sean Carmeli. He had no family in Israel, so 20,000 Israeli came to honor his sacrifice.

Podcast is back!

Ron Cantor —  May 10, 2016 — 1 Comment

After a more than a year break, we are back with a new podcast. Joined most weeks, by my friend, Yosie Levine, we discuss world news as it relates to Israel and the Jewish people. In addition, we will focus on themes of revival and teaching from a Messianic perspective.


This summer I gave a message at the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America’s ( yearly Messiah Conference. In this message you will find material that you have not heard before. Most of it comes from my research for writing the second book in the Identity Theft Series, The Roman Connection. We had lots of fun sharing—I think you will enjoy it. You can listen here or download using the link above.
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Ron Cantor and the Maoz Media team bring you the 77th and FINAL episode of the Maoz Israel Report Podcast!

Please tune in for a personal update from Ron on this final episode of the Maoz Israel Report Podcast. Thank you to all of our faithful listeners and we are blessed to have been able to share with you these past 2 years direct from Tel Aviv!

Don’t hesitate to be in touch with Maoz Israel Ministries, Messiah’s Mandate, and Tiferet Yeshua Congregation: