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So last night was crazy. Elana was already in bed and I closed the bedroom door. I noticed the handle on the outside had been a little wobbly. I’d get to it later. I closed the door and was getting ready for bed. I went to open it again to get something and it would not open. The wobbly handle is the main handle. You know, the male handle that actually opens the door. Without it, my handle from inside had nothing to grab onto.

I said to Elana, “I think we are locked in our room.” Suddenly I realized why the handle on one of the other bedrooms was broken. When I say broken, I mean the wood from the area on the doorframe where the door closes was smashed and broken. I had asked the landlord about it when we moved in, but she clearly didn’t give me full disclosure. Obviously the same thing happened and someone kicked in the door. However, they must have been outside as the door opens into the room.

I was inside, and they built an unbreakable border-lip around the door. Credit cards were useless, because these are high end handles that work by a magnet. And the thingy that actually goes from the door into the door jam (I have no idea if I am calling these things the right thing!) is square, not rounded.

I scoured the room looking for any tool that I could use to wedge the door open. Nothing. Then I found a worthless pocketknife. Other than cutting my finger, it did nothing. We were trapped in our room. I told Elana to open the window and see if anyone was outside below. Of course then I realized my apartment was locked.

Elana said that the neighbor, Ronit, had a key. I said, “She gave it back.” Still, we called out the window at 11:30 PM, to Ronit. Nothing. Several more minutes went by. I said to Elana, “We are going to have to called the police to get us out.” Or course our phones were charging in the kitchen. We would have to wait for a stranger to walk by five stories below. Then Elana started dropping coins from our window to Ronit’s. Like that was going to work.

Suddenly Ronit opened her window and was surprised to see her neighbors trying to wake her. We explained what happened and she said, as I suspected, that she had returned the key. However, after double checking she discovered that she still had one. (We have had several issues with plumbers needing to get into both apartments, so we had given her a key on several occasions.) She came upstairs open the tour. And then I walked her through insertinga the broken handle and rescuing us.

And that is what I did last night before bed.

Dear Precious Friends,

What a glorious day it is in Tel Aviv. Even though it is sunny and about 80 degrees (27 Celsius), I am not talking about the summer-like weather we are enjoying. I am referring to the fact that Israelis will gather in Tel Aviv today, just like they did in the times of the apostles, to WORSHIP YESHUA THE JEWISH MESSIAH!

What a minute, you say, Tel Aviv did not exist in the times of the apostles. Okay, technically you are correct—Tel Aviv is a new city. But Yafo (Joppa) was a Jewish city in New Testament times and Tel Aviv was birthed as an offshoot of Yafo, when a handful of Jewish families in 1909 gathered on sand dunes just north of the city and apportioned plots to create a new neighborhood, that became the second largest city in Israel—Tel Aviv-Yafo.

The apostle Peter, after raising Tabitha from the dead, spent significant time in Yafo preaching the gospel and discipling believers:

[Tabithia’s resurrection from the dead] became known all over Yafo, and many people believed in the Lord. Peter stayed in Yafo for some time … (Acts 9:42-43)

May the Lord breath on the embers of that awakening that took place in Yafo in the days of the apostles and cause a mighty fire of revival to spread all over Tel Aviv.

Prayer Requests:

Congregation Tiferet Yeshua Today

Pray for our meeting today at 4pm (9am EST). Asher Intrater, our apostolic overseer, will be bringing the message. He is preaching on “Fullness”! Pray for our worship team to move in the Spirit. Pray for the gifts of the Holy Spirit to be in operation; especially healing and miracles. Pray most of all, that God would draw those He has already prepared for salvation to come, hear and receive the Good News of Yeshua. Pray also for Beni, the anti-Messianic, who gets paid to stand outside our congregation and try to draw our people from Yeshua. Pray that he gets born again!

For Ron and Elana

This year, since taking on the day-to-day management of the congregation, Elana and I decided to be proactive in seeking to improve our own relationship. It has been very healthy. It is amazing that you can be married to someone for 25 years and still need to understand them better. Pray for us to continue to grow together, for the presence of God to be strong in our lives and to be fruitful in the ministry to which the Lord has called us.

Ron on Sid Roth’s ‘It’s Supernatural’

I asked you about a month ago to pray for a meeting between my publisher, Destiny Image and another ministry. That ministry was Messianic Vision with Sid Roth. Sid’s show, It’s Supernatural, reaches into homes around the world. He will be interviewing me next month about my book Identity Theft. This will enable so many more to understand the Jewishness of Jesus and how it was taken away from Him (at least in how He is perceived today).

Our Girls!

Please lift up Danielle as she continues to serve in the Israeli Defense Forces on the Golan Heights. If you never saw the interview we did with her near her base, you can see it here.

Sharon and Yael are both praying about what they will do when their lease runs out in February. Yael wants to begin her studies and Sharon wants to continue her’s in media. They attend a wonderful congregation in Richmond. Please pray for them to develop meaningful relationships there. Ask the Lord to be close to all our girls and cover them with His love.

Thank you so much! God bless you all from Tel Aviv-Yafo!

Until all Israel is saved (Rom. 11:26),

Ron Cantor
Executive Pastor, Congregation Tiferet Yeshua
Tel Aviv, Israel 

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“I saw Yeshua in the Clouds”

Ron Cantor —  September 26, 2013 —  Comments

Those were the words of Irina, one of five Israelis whom we immersed in water last Friday. She shared, as we were singing and worshipping on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea that she looked up and noticed the clouds…and then, she saw Yeshua emerging from the clouds! Moments later she was immersed in water. (If you wondering if water immersion is ‘Jewish’, click here!)

Irina coming up from the water

Irina coming up from the water

Emma, another Israeli, was very concerned because she had been declared clinically dead a few years ago. Doctors told her that she should not be fully submerged in water for a long time (actually none of us should!). However once she had waded into the Med, escorted by one of other pastors, Moti and myself, she said she felt fire, not water. When she came up from the water she was glowing. I gave her a ride home and she was in tears most of the way—tears of joy.

Emma, just before going into the fiery waters of immersion.

Emma, just before going into the fiery waters of immersion.

Barak came to faith through a couple that has started coming to our congregation that work with Jews for Jesus in Tel Aviv. As soon as we finished praying for him, as we were about to immerse him, a wave came and immersed us all. It seemed like Yeshua Himself wanted to immerse Barak. Later that evening at the congregation, he asked if I could serve him the Lord’s supper for the first time.

Barak (with me, Moti and Uziel) just before we all got immersed by a wave!

Barak (with me, Moti and Uziel) just before we all got immersed by a wave!

Leah started coming with her friend Yosi in February. They have both just finished a 12-week New Believers course with one of our young couples. Both of them were visibly touched by the Holy Spirit as they were immersed. Leah is unashamed of the gospel and has already led some of her friends to Yeshua.


Yosi celebrating after being immersed.

Yosi celebrating after being immersed.

Leah rejoicing as she exits the sea.

Leah rejoicing as she exits the sea.

The congregation was so blessed that evening at our weekly service to see pictures of the immersion and hear the testimonies of those freshly immersed. After the service, we had fellowship meal to celebrate the Feast of tabernacles. A group from the U.S. came to our congregation on Tuesday and decorated our fellowship hall, so that it appeared to be a giant Sukka. (Thank you First Assembly of Rochester, MI)

So grateful to the team from First Assembly of Rochester, Mich. that decorated our fellowship hall.

So grateful to the team from First Assembly of Rochester, Mich. that decorated our fellowship hall.

I can honestly say that Friday was one of the best days I have ever had here in my 10 years 2 months and 28 days of living in Israel!

*Some of the names of have been changes to protect identities.

Full video from ‘Israeli NIght’ at the MJAA’s ‘Messiah Conference.  I was honored to share the main message, which I called: ‘The First Messianics’. Enjoy the entire service, or fast forward to me towards the end.

Ron Interviews His IDF Daughter (Maoz Podcast – Bonus Video) from maozisrael on Vimeo.

Each week, I’m proud to host the “Maoz Israel Report Podcast”.

This week’s episode celebrates my family’s 10 year aliyah anniversary, marking a decade since I, my wife and our 3 daughters immigrated to Israel!

The podcast features an interview with my youngest daughter who is currently serving in the Israeli Defense Forces. It was filmed in the Golan Heights.

This video version allows you to watch the interview. But to hear the entire podcast including my conversation with my wife Elana, you can: