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Ron Cantor

Ron shares biblical proof of a coming revival and Israel’s acceptance of Yeshua is the key. (Romans 11:12) The teaching is laid in Ron’s book, The Coming End-Time Awakening, which can be obtained free here

Dr. Michael Brown

Dr. Michael Brown breaks down one of the most misquoted verses, Galatians 3:16. Opponents of modern Israel use this verse to say God is finished with her; the Church has replaced her. Dr. Brown brilliantly shows Paul’s true meaning.

Dr. Brown explains that the restoration of Israel is a testimony to the faithfulness of God!

Asher Intrater 

Asher Intrater, president of Tikkun Global, talks about the last prophecy in the Old Covenant, in Malachi 4, and speaks of how it is being fulfilled in our time, in the nation of Israel and in the global church.


At my wedding, 30 years ago, Elana and I were honored that one of the most famous Messianic worship groups performed. Of course, they were our dear friends Israel’s Hope. Marc Chopinsky wrote most of the music. Yesterday, we buried him in Haifa.

Marc died suddenly on Sunday morning. Next to his body was a hymnal that he must have been reading when he collapsed, opened to the song, “I believe in Jesus.”

As I was driving home, Israel received her first rain since Spring…something that is always seen as a sign of blessing. I have to believe that God was telling us that Marc was now with him. I shared some thoughts from my car.