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So this was pretty amazing! I was interviewed for I24 News here in Israel about being Messianic Jewish. They kept telling me that it would not be a ‘hit’ piece there was nothing to be concerned about. In the end, it was super positive.


Depressed with nothing to do. That was my situation in 2011, when the Lord led me to write ‘Identity Theft’. It was the hardest year of my life. I felt like a failure. And God kept saying, “It’s the book! Write the book.” And then everything changed!

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I had the great privilege of knowing Ehud Ben Yehuda as a dear friend when I lived in Jerusalem in the early 1970’s. I also knew his younger sister, Dola. Both were in their 70’s. They were two of the three living children of Eliezer and his second wife Hemda. The story of their father’s work and mission in life against unthinkable odds is both heartbreaking and heartwarming.

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We all know the second part of Romans 11:26, “All Israel will saved.” But the first part says, “In this way…” In “what” way?

The Bible tell us exactly the steps that will lead to Israel’s revival…but “paused” was pressed for 1,900. But now things are rolling again. You will be amazed to find out what stymied God’s plan.

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I almost didn’t include this post. I am still not sure if I will keep it up. I had a deeply personal encounter what might be the actual site of Yeshua’s birth.

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