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Dear friends, I was riding my bike on the boardwalk in Tel Aviv, wondering if Hamas had run out of long range rockets when suddenly the alarm sounded. I cannot describe the feeling of being in an open area, knowing that in one minute a rocket is going land somewhere, or be taken out by the IronDome. To all the ignorant people who don’t live here and say, “Israel has the IronDome; they are in no Danger” I say, you come and live in Ashkelon or Sderot and see if it is not one of the most terrifying things to go through 10 times a day… or more. Anyway… here is the video of my experience a little over an hour ago.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 4.52.09 PMDoron Elbaz (pictured (c) owns a farm in Moshav[i] Maslool about 10 minutes from where my daughter is stationed. He started a small rest station for soldiers on his farm after the ground offensive began. It has since blossomed, with the help of restaurants, chefs, businesspeople and just your average Israeli into a massive humanitarian operation that has 120 volunteers each day feeding 10,000 soldiers!

Danielle told me that for the first few weeks of this war she was starving—never having time or anything interesting to eat. Now during her breaks she heads over to Elbaz’s rest station and along with so many other young soldiers, eats to her heart’s content. In addition there is a charging station for phones, you can get a free haircut and even a massage! Many famous Israelis have come to the rest station, even though it is in close range of Hamas Rockets, to volunteer.

I had seen a report of this unique rest station on the news Monday morning so when we passed it, I grabbed my camera and decided to take some pictures for you—so you can know that the people of Israel love their soldiers—their sons and daughters. It stands in contrast to the primitive, bloodthirsty way in which Hamas forces the deaths of Gaza’s children.

You can go to the Rest Station’s Facebook page here, although it is mostly in Hebrew. Still you can see pictures and there is a phone number and email address if you want to donate funds.

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[i] A moshav is a farming town whereby many people pull their funds together to purchase land. However, unlike a kibbutz, each person owns his or her land.

What more proof does the world need to see that Hamas cares little for their own people. You cannot negotiate with a Iranian style Islamic fundamentalist leadership.


Channel 10 (in Israel) reports that 20 Palestinians who participated in an anti-war protest in the Gaza Strip were rounded up by Hamas and summarily executed as alleged Israeli collaborators yesterday. Reports yesterday indicated that 30 suspected collaborators have been executed by Hamas thus far, but it isn’t clear whether that figure included the 20 anti-war protesters.

via World Net Daily

Hamas killed at least 25 Palestinian civilians it suspected of collaborating with Israel, according to sources close to Gazan jihadist organizations.

The sources, close to both Hamas and the Islamic Jihad groups, told WND that most of the extra-judicial killings of suspected collaborators took place during a brief “humanitarian” cease-fire four days ago.

Picture: Hamas activists drag the dead body of a suspected calibrator for Israel through the streets from 11/12.  (Reuters)


Facebook user Shira La Porta posted this: “A few minutes ago an alarm sounded in Beersheva. I stopped my car at a stoplight, next to me, another vehicle stopped and out came a father with his baby in his arms. We found shelter next to a wall. A second later a stranger came —the man in the black shirt—that didn’t know the father or his son. He covered them both with his body. Enough said.”

An unidentified man covers and father and his baby during a rocket attack in Beer Sheva.

An unidentified man covers and father and his baby during a rocket attack in Beer Sheva.

Over the past several weeks, Hamas has shot over 2,000 rockets at Israel—not just in her southern cities but reaching over 80% of Israel. This goes against all conventions of war. Targeting noncombatants is terror. It is not allowed under the Geneva conventions.

Israel has had no choice but to defend herself. In doing so, over 600 Palestinians have died. We are told that possibly as many as 80% were noncombatants. First of all, we cannot trust the numbers Hamas is giving us, as they are a terrorist organization and more known for propaganda than honesty. Nevertheless, we have to ask ourselves, who is to blame for the high number of civilian deaths?

Mahmoud Abbas has accused Israel of genocide. The president of Turkey said Israel’s “barbarism has surpassed even Hitler.” The UN Chief has condemned Israel in recent days calling our defensive actions “atrocious.”  And even John Kerry mocked Israel’s response when he didn’t realize his mic was on before an interview.

However, any honest human being should be able to lay the blame squarely at the feet of the ones who started this conflict:  Hamas.

1. Because Hamas uses Women and Children as Human Shields

There is ample evidence that Hamas surrounds its weapon launchers with children. This is beyond inhumane. Their goal is two-fold: to keep Israel from taking out the launchers, but even better yet (in their twisted jihadi minds), “If Israel responds we can parade through the streets with dead children.”

Hamas using children as Human Shields

Hamas using children as Human Shields

I heard an Abbas adviser on CNN sharing that no mother would ever allow her children to be used like this. That was the whole of her argument—emotions over photographic evidence. But to answer her question, these are the same mothers who go on TV praising Allah that their sons have become suicide bombers. The same mothers who hand out candy on the streets when Israelis are murdered—and rejoiced at the news that Hamas had killed three teenage boys in cold blood.

Here’s the difference between us. We’re using missile defense to protect our civilians, and they’re using their civilians to protect their missiles. (Israeli PM Netanyahu)

2. Because Hamas hides weapons in residential neighborhoods. 

This week 20 rockets were found in a United Nations-funded school! When Israel discovers this she has an important decision to make. Do you destroy the weapons depot, in this case, a school, and risk collateral damage, or do you pass it by, knowing those weapons will be used against Israeli citizens and troops.

Oh…and an aside…The UN, upon discovering the rockets, handed them over to the Gaza police under Hamas control! They gave them back to be used against Israeli civilians. Mr. Ban, that is atrocious!  

IDF tank shells that hit the Al Aqsa Hospital and sadly caused civilian casualties happened only because Hamas was storing a cache of anti-tank missiles right next to the hospital. These tanks have already killed nearly a dozen Israeli soldiers. Hamas purposely hides them next to a hospital, bating Israel into bombing them.

“While the IDF takes every possible measure to minimize civilian causalities, Hamas and its deliberate tactic of embedding terrorist activities with the urban environment are ultimately responsible.” (IDF spokesman)

But let’s be clear—there is a huge difference between collateral damage as Israel seeks to destroy Hamas’ ability to attack Israel, and what Hamas does: targeting Israeli civilians. It is not Israel’s fault that Hamas is simply not very good at it. But it is not for a lack of trying—over 2,000 rockets in two weeks and only one death.

3. Because the ‘innocent’ Palestinians elected Hamas as their representatives.

In 2006, after Israel left Gaza and hoped for peace, the people of Gaza voted Hamas into power. They chose Hamas! Now I understand that this was largely due to the fact that the Palestinian Authority was (and is) utterly corrupt, and politicians were lining their own pockets with US, UN and European aid money. But still, the alternative was a terrorist organization that would bring Islamic rule upon Gaza and sacrifice their sons and daughters with the same amount of thought that it takes to buy a candy bar.

4. Because the ‘innocent’ Palestinians do not rise up against Hamas and stop them from sending rockets into Israeli population centers

This form of terror began nearly a decade ago and Hamas still rules Gaza. The people have not risen up against them. This is the third time in five years they have invited a deadly Israeli response upon them because of endless rocket fire. And maybe yesterday, after over 600 Gazans died, the people would have had enough. So Hamas announces they have kidnapped an Israeli soldier. Like a dog that loses focus the second you wave a tennis ball in front of him, the people of Gaza immediately took to the streets to celebrate the kidnapping. (The kidnapping has yet to be substantiated.)

5. Because Hamas hides tunnel entrances in the homes of civilians and mosques

The Times of Israel reported yesterday, “Tunnel entrances have been found in houses and mosques, according to the army.”

Missile Launcher in residential building

Missile Launcher in residential building

A lot has been made of the so called ‘massacre’ in the city of Shejaiya. There are claims of dozens of innocent women and children being killed. What you are not being told is there were over 100 terror targets including two mosques that served as Hamas compounds and weapons storage sites. (

Furthermore the IDF warned noncombatants to get out of that area before they entered. Did Britain and the US warn Berlin before dropping 70,000 tons of explosives on the city? Or course the residents of Berlin didn’t wait for telephone calls and leaflets warning of the coming doom—1.7 million of them fled the city. However in Gaza, Hamas is encouraging its citizens to stay and die.

And no one condemned the US and Great Britain for the bombing of Berlin—why? Because it was not an act of aggression, but self-defense. In the same way, Israel is only in Gaza to destroy terror tunnels and take out Hamas’ ability to fire rockets.

6. Hamas is THRILLED at the number of civilian casualties. This is EXACTLY what they wanted

Prime Minister Netanyahu was correct when he said on Monday, “This is the cruelest, most grotesque war that I have ever seen. Not only does Hamas target [Israeli] civilians, and hide behind their civilians, it actually wants to pile up as many civilian deaths as possible” for the television cameras, in order to garner sympathy.

Yes, while Israel seeks to prevent Palestinians deaths, Hamas wants them to die—the more the merrier. This is their strategy. While Hamas commanders hide in underground bunkers, they cheer as more and more of their own people die for the cause. More fuel for the propaganda machine.

So…ask yourself…WHO IS TO BLAME?


Dear Friends,

I want to encourage you to focus your prayers on one primary issue: That Hamas will not succeed in kidnapping any Israeli soldier.

It has become clear over the past 24/48 hours that Hamas has shifted their strategy. Or perhaps this was the plan all along—use Rocket fire to convince Israel to invade, and then, kidnap a soldier. What is clear is that Hamas’ rocket fire, which was meant to terrify the nation has been thwarted. Other than one tragic death, it has had very little impact other than uniting Israelis behind our government to go into Gaza and put and end to Hamas.

Two days ago a bunch of terrorists exited a tunnel and found to their surprise Israeli soldiers waiting for them. One was killed while the others ran back into the tunnel, which was then bombed by Israeli forces. Presumably, all of the terrorists were neutralized.

There is no doubt what their intentions were. To kidnap Israelis and bring them back into Gaza and murder others on the way.

Further proof of this was found yesterday when another group of terrorists, this time disguised in Israeli uniforms emerged from a tunnel. They managed to kill two Israeli soldiers—one who was a friend of my daughter—before the IDF killed one of them. The others fled back into Gaza.

The IDF found on the dead terrorist’s body tranquilizers and handcuffs. The IDF also found rocket propelled grenades and AK-47 machine guns. Even Hamas knows that a living soldier in their possession will break the resolve of Israelis quicker than 10,000 rockets.

Hamas is losing face in the Middle East. They do not have the support of the Palestinian Authority, Egypt, Jordan or Saudi Arabia. Turkey who earlier this week accused Israel of Genocide and yesterday called Israel more barbaric than Hitler (Hmmm… Killed 6,000,000 Jews in a calculated plan vs. killed 300 in self-defense… anyways…) is said to now be backing the Egyptian proposal for a ceasefire (a ceasefire in which Hamas gets nothing) and Syria and Lebanon have become irrelevant.

While there are those who will side with the terrorists no matter what—simply out of hatred for Israel—Hamas is not enjoying the sympathy from others that it has in the past. For that reason, their only hope is to kidnap an Israeli. A living Israeli in their possession is a terrorist’s gold mine.

Now, if I have been able to deduce this, surely IDF commanders are aware and doing everything in their power to keep a kidnapping from happening. But we need supernatural help as well!

I am asking you to pray against this. This is a plan from hell, dripping with the residue of Satan. Call on the Armies of the Lord of Hosts—the Angels of God—to protect the young IDF soldiers and Israeli civilians. Pray that not one Israeli will be kidnapped and that all plans to do so will be thwarted by the IDF or the Angels in Heaven.

Thank you,


I always chuckle when people ask me if it is safe to visit Israel. Don’t get me wrong; I understand when you watch reports of over 1,000 rockets being leveled against the Jewish nation, it seems scary. But you have to understand that I live there—and I am not a particularly brave person. Consider also that in two weeks of bombings only 1 out over 8,000,000 Israelis have died from rocket fire. This is humiliating for Hamas, but we never asked them to rain down rockets on our civilian communities.

Photo: IDF Israelis take cover on highway as Hamas shoots Rockets at civilians.

Photo: IDF Israelis take cover on highway as Hamas shoots Rockets at civilians.

Life Continues for Israelis

Nevertheless, for Israelis, life goes on. And for us at Tiferet Yeshua Congregation in Tel Aviv, that means meeting on Friday afternoons for our weekly worship service. I am still in the US and return home in a few days, but I received a wonderful report from our associate pastor Moti Cohen. I will translate it from Hebrew.

The meeting was so special today. Two Israelis prayed to receive Yeshua at the congregation during the alarm (for incoming rockets). Most of the congregation stayed to pray and didn’t go to the bomb shelter. Afterward they announced on the news that there were two interceptions (of Rockets from the Iron Dome) over Gush Dan (Greater Tel Aviv). Satan sent two rockets and at the same time God took down two rockets!

I can’t wait to get home and meet the two new additions to the kingdom of God. In Israel there are over 150 Messianic congregations and home meetings. We estimate that there are around 15,000 to 18,000 believers in the country. Many of them, like us, have children serving in the IDF. You can be sure that some of those in Gaza right now are those who know Yeshua.

How You Can Pray

  1. Pray for the safety of these believers in the IDF as well as all other soldiers.
  2. Pray against infiltration of Hamas members or any other terrorists inside of Israel.
  3. Pray against trauma in the lives of Israelis running for cover at all hours of the day and night, and innocent Palestinians caught in the middle.
  4. Pray that in the midst of this conflict we will see more and more salvations!
  5. Pray for continued supernatural protections against rocket fire.
  6. Pray for God’s grace on the IDF to avoid civilian casualties in Gaza.

Pic: IDF Israelis in office building run to the basement before bomb can land. They have 15 seconds!

A Brief History of Gaza

Ron Cantor —  July 14, 2014 — 1 Comment

On Sunday I spoke to about 1,000 people and I asked them a simple question. Who controlled Gaza before Israel took over the area in the Six Day War. For about a minute no one answered. Finally a woman yelled out the right answer. I don’t write this to shame the congregation—not at all—the results would have been similar in any US congregation. The fact remains that people do know the history of the relationship, and it is essential in understanding the rights and wrongs of the conflict.

1948: Israel declares independence. The War of Independence ensues, whereby five Arab counties attacked Israel and as many as 140,000 Arabs fled from Israel to Gaza. To be clear, David Ben Gurion, in Israel’s Declaration of Independence encouraged the Arabs to stay and help build the new state. He guaranteed them the same freedoms Jewish Israelis would enjoy. Still, for many reasons (you can check this out to review the reasons for the exodus) the Arabs fled.

POST WAR: When the war ended, Egypt controlled Gaza (there is your answer) and turned it into a prison. Even Al Jazeera, the openly pro-Arab, anti-Israel news outlet, recognized how poorly the Egyptians treated their Arab cousins.

Unlike the West Bank, which was effectively annexed by Jordan in 1950 and its population offered Jordanian citizenship, Egypt maintained Gaza under military rule until a legislative council was elected in 1957. Moreover, unlike Jordan, Egypt had little ties with or concern for Gaza, and thus the Strip received little attention or investment in infrastructure between 1948 and 1967. 1

The world was silent. No one cared for these Arab refugees. As long as Israel could not be blamed, it was not an issue. “In 1955, one observer (a member of the United Nations Secretariat) noted that ‘For all practical purposes it would be true to say that for the last six years in Gaza over 300,000 poverty-stricken people have been physically confined to an area the size of a large city park.’” 2

1967: The Six Day War effectively liberated the Gaza inhabitants. That’s right, I said liberated. In the early years, Israelis and Gazan Arabs got along just fine. My wife used to go into Gaza with her father as a child to buy vegetables. It was safe. They were happy to be out from under Egyptian control.

EARLY SEVENTIES – 1987: The PLO turns Gazans against Israel. Frequent conflicts erupt between Israel and Gaza. In 1987 the first Intifada was unleashed against Israel where Arab youths, armed with larges rocks, targeted both Israeli soldiers and citizens. Israelis were shot at on the highway and sometimes attacked in their homes.

POST-GULF WAR: President Bush Sr., after crushing Saddam Hussein’s attack on Kuwait, calls for peace between Israel and the Palestinians. The first peace conference is held in Madrid. Under Clinton, Yitzak Rabin allowed the PLO into Israel to become the de-facto leadership of the Palestinian people. Things were quiet for a season and there was much cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians. The PLO became the Palestinian Authority and governed the West Bank and Gaza.

LATE NINETIES: Palestinian suicide bombers unleash terror in Israel. Despite the progress and cooperation between Arabs and Jews, there were many Arab groups that did not want peace with Israel. Over the next decade 171 suicide bombers would explode themselves in an effort to kill as many Israelis as possible and cause terror throughout the country.

2000-2005: Palestinians unleash the Second Intifada against Israel. Israel, in defense, builds a Security Fence, which causes the rebellion to fizzle out, as it effectively stopped the suicide bombings.

2005: The terror group Hamas wins a third of the Palestinian legislative council.

2006: Hamas wins a majority of the Palestinian legislative council.

2007: Hamas takes over the Gaza strip from Fatah (PLO).

BACK UP TO 2005: Israel, in a controversial move, evacuates Gaza, while gaining nothing in exchange from the Palestinians. Hamas and other groups had shot 1000s of Rockets over the previous years. Israel wrongly though, if we leave, they will stop. Actually, since we left Gaza, they have shot over 9,000 rockets and missiles at Israeli population centers. (What country would tolerate this?) What is even more sickening is that Hamas uses women and children as Human Shields, willing to sacrifice them for their own purposes. Israel has done far more to protect Gazans than their elected leaders.

2005-2009: Hamas sees Israel’s evacuation in 2005 as a sign of weakness and unleashes thousands of Qassam Rockets and Grad Missiles against population centers in southern Israel. Finally, in late 2008, after Israel had endured 3,000 rockets just that year, she invades Gaza in Operation Cast Lead. After 22 days, Israel leaves Gaza, feeling that it had greatly neutralized Hamas’ ability to attack Israel.

2012: After increases in rocket attacks, Israel steps up attacks and kills three Hamas operatives, including the top military commander, who was responsible for the capture and imprisonment of Gilad Shalit.

Hamas declares that Israel has “opened the gates of hell,” and unleashes 275 rockets against Israel today, including three that reach the Tel Aviv area, showing that they now have the capability of killing Israelis in its largest population center—crossing all red lines.

Israel calls up reserves and seeks to neutralize threat. Morsi of Egypt brokers ceasefire.

PRESENT DAY: After three Israeli teens are murdered by Hamas activists, an Arab boy is killed by Jews. Hamas takes advantage of the unrest and unleashes 1,000 rockets against Israel in one week. Israel calls of 40,000 reservists. Amazingly there are no Israeli deaths as a direct result of rocket fire. The Iron Dome has a 90% success rate in taking down rockets. Nearly 200 Palestinians are dead, many who were human shields at the request (insistence) of Hamas. Abbas calls it Genocide, but the world is not buying it. Hamas unleashed this war to increase its credibility in the Arab world. However, they may have miscalculated. Even the Palestinian UN representative admits that Israel is conducting this war in a humane ways while Hamas is commenting crimes against humanity.

1 (

2 (

Photo: AP Photo/Ariel Schalit

Note: Danielle received permission from her commander to share this brief record. She is stationed just outside of Gaza. And can I say as a father, that I am very proud of her!

Dear friends,

As you may have heard, a large number of soldiers are stationed just a few kilometers outside of Gaza. I am one of them.

Since I have been here I have had to run to the bomb shelter about 10 times. When the siren sounds we have 15 seconds to get to safety. Then the siren stops and there is a boom or two. That means  that it landed and exploded or that it was intercepted by the Iron Dome. The louder the boom, the closer it was. The first couple times was scary, but now it is just routine.

I am not in a combat unit, but all the combat units are in our command. I have been in the south for almost two weeks straight, just a few kilometers outside of the Gaza Strip. I cannot say what I do, where I am exactly, why I am here or what is happening.

I can tell you though, our soldiers are stronger than ever, so devoted, ready to give their lives for our country. I am deeply moved and I feel so blessed to be a part of this operation—to give the little I can give.

May I ask, you our friends, to pray for all the young Israeli soldiers, from those who are doing paper work to those on the battlefield. Please intercede for the protection of both Israel’s and Gaza’s innocent civilians. The Israeli Defense Forces are doing their best to protect BOTH.

Thank you so much,

Danielle Cantor

Headlines from Israel

Iron Dome Missile Defense System intercepts seven missiles over Tel Aviv yesterday.

Overnight Wednesday and Thursday, the IDF attacked over 300 targets

Over 60 Palestinians have been killed, mostly terrorists. Other innocents die who refuse to leave targeted buildings, despite Israel’s pre-bomb warning, at urging of Hamas.

Hamas shows no signs of wanting a ceasefire and Israel prepares for Israeli ground attack. Obama finally calls Bibi and offers to intervene.

Hamas continues to encourage Gazans to ignore Israel’s warnings before bombings, but instead to come to the roofs of buildings about to be bombed to be martyrs.

VIDEO: Hamas spokesman celebrates the death of Arab women and children human shields.

Supposed moderate PLO group, Fatah, gets involved with the bombing, directly implicating the PA in the aggression.

No Israelis death’s to due directly to rocket and missiles attacks. Keep praying for this miraculous protection. However, one woman died from Heart Attack while running to Bomb Shelter; Another man was severally injured on Hamas rocket attack on Ashdod.

Hamas warns against flying out of Ben Gurion, Israel’s main airport. However, as they have not had one direct hit after sending hundreds of rockets, this threat is just rhetoric.

Rockets fired from Lebanon in north. Lebonan army arrests culprits.

Netanyahu speaks to father of slain Arab boy. “We worked immediately to find the perpetrators, they will be tried and brought to justice,” says Netanyahu.