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Israeli researchers believe they have developed a new method of preventing and treating skin cancer. 
The “nano-vaccine,” developed by Tel Aviv University researchers has been effective so far in mice in preventing melanoma and in treating primary tumors and metastases that result from melanoma, according to a study.

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Anti-Israel U.S. congresswoman Rashida Tlaib is at it again. It seems like we write about her every week, but she and other members of “the squad” of American freshman representatives such as Ilhan Omar have consistently been pumping out anti-Israel and anti-Semitic comments since their election. 
Despite an announcement this week that Israel uncovered a terror cell designed to attack Israeli citizens, Tlaib wrote on Twitter that Palestinians are not responsible for terrorism and that they do not spew hateful rhetoric against Israel.

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Israel’s version of the FBI found a near seven-pound bomb and arrested members of a terror cell, thwarting a terror attack that could’ve killed dozens of Israelis in Jerusalem.
The Shin Bet announced Tuesday that the Hamas members from Hebron were planning to throw a lethal bomb into a crowded street in Jerusalem this summer. Israeli intelligence found the 3 kg. (6.6 pounds) bomb the terrorists intended to use.

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Thousands of people attended the funeral of a young Israeli man, Dvir Sorek, who is believed to have been stabbed to death in a terror attack.  

Sorek’s body was found early Thursday with stab wounds near Efrat, a Jewish city in the West Bank. Investigators believe that the terrorists saw Sorek, killed him and dumped his body. He was to celebrate his 19th birthday in a few days. 

Israeli investigators are combing West Bank villages for suspects.

Though Sorek was studying in a program which combines Torah studies with military service, he was not in uniform and was unarmed, Army spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus said.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the scene of the terror attack and vowed Israel would track down whoever was behind the deadly stabbing.

“We can see here the U-turn made by the car after the murder,” Netanyahu said at the scene. “Our answer to the murderers is twofold: They come to destroy and we are building. Our hand will reach them and we will settle our score with them. The investigation is going forward and is as its height.”

No terror group has claimed credit for the attack, but Hamas and Islamic Jihad have praised the murder.

“We salute the hero fighters, sons of our people, who carried out the heroic operation which killed a soldier of the occupation army,” Hamas said. So the killer’s family will be paid monthly by the Palestinian authority…and just maybe, he will be honored by having a public square named after him. This is the blood-lust culture of the Palestinians. And it is very sad.

Jason Greenblatt, President Donald Trump’s Middle East negotiator, wrote on Twitter that Hamas “chooses death & destruction over taking care of people they claim to lead.”


With all the talk of the Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) movement and artists being pressured to cancel their Israel concerts it was a breath of fresh air when legendary rocker Jon Bon Jovi extolled the strength of Israelis last week at a sold-out concert in Tel Aviv.

Bon Jovi resisted a massive campaign BDS directed at him to cancel the concert — apparently 5,000 letters calling for him to cancel.

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