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By Rabbi Brenner Glickman, Rosh Hashanah 5775/2014

(This was the Rosh Hashanah sermon from Rabbi Brenner Glickman. Powerful!)

Tonight, I will tell you a story. It is the true story of a seemingly inconsequential man who, driven by passion and determination, has accomplished the extraordinary. It is a David and Goliath story of our times, and it continues to unfold. When you hear this story, I think you will agree that someone needs to write a book about this man. I can’t believe that no one has yet.

Our hero’s name is Stephen Flatow. He is a real-estate attorney in northern New Jersey. He does title work, mostly, out of a small, cluttered office. He is well-regarded in his field, but not especially well known. He makes a living. He is famous, however, in other circles, as an activist. His courage and determination are unmatched. This lone man has stood up to the greatest powers and has not blinked. He has challenged the State Department, the Justice Department, the courts, and the largest banks in the world. He has failed and prevailed, stumbled and triumphed, over and over again. He does not quit. He is driven by the love of his daughter, a daughter who was killed by a suicide bomber twenty years ago. This is his story. Continue Reading…

Below is a short video of my recent 41k bike ride around Tel Aviv.

How Bill Maher got on my Website!

Ron Cantor —  September 13, 2014 — 1 Comment

Bill Mahr is the outspoken liberal atheist who often pokes fun at believers and conservatives. However, Bill had a unique quality, he is not politically correct—he is not afraid to stray from the liberal plantation when he feels strongly about something.

In this video,  he speak plainly to s still naive Charlie Rose. For Rose, he is merely repeating what others have said. “Islam is peace,” or “ISIS is not Islamic” as President Obama claimed during his recent speech. While Secretary Kerry says that we need to combat the distortion in Islam, “one of the great peaceful religions.” I understand why people assume this. They reason, President Obama said, “No religion condones the killing of innocents.” Says who? As reasonable people we assume this statement is accurate, but to ISIS and much of the Islamic world, they are not killing the innocent, but infidels and heretics, who want to destroy Islam.

It would seem that none of these men have put in the energy that Bill Mahr has into studying current and ancient Islam. The truth: Moderate is Islam is not Islam!

John Kerry announced that some of the new coalition partners will contribute to the war effort by demolishing the distortion of one of the world’s great peaceful religions,” referring to Islam. I want to do my part too! Here are some of the distortions of Islam.

1) Starting with Mr. Kerry’s assertion that Islam is one of the world’s great peaceful religions.

Islam was birthed in blood and thrives on blood. Mohamed executed people. This is fact. Unlike most religions Islam grew in its early stages as a conquering imperialistic empire. It gobbled up lands all over the Middle East within its first 34 years. Since Israel became a nation 11,000,000 Muslims have been violently killed. Israel has killed 0.3% of them while 90% have been murdered by fellow Muslims.[i] Islam is not a religion of peace, but of blood.

2) Mohamed was an honorable, humble man

In truth, he was a murderous despot with an insatiable sexual appetite. While according to his revelations, a Muslim man could have up to four wives, Mohamed was allowed as many as he wanted, including sex slaves captured in battle (Like ISIS). In all, it is believed that the prophet had sexual relations with 66 women and girls. Yes, girls. His most infamous wife was the child prophetess Aisha, whom he wed at age six, but mercifully waited until she was nine to consummate the marriage.

The Nigerian Boko Haram terrorists who kidnapped 300 young girls in order to convert them and force them into marriage and ISIS, which is doing the same in Iraq and Syria, are only following the example of Mohamed. Older Muslim men marrying children is common today. The top five nations with the highest percentage of child brides all have a Muslim majority![ii]

3) Islam respects other religions

Within an Islamic state, other religions like Judaism and Christianity are sometimes tolerated, provided that you pay a jizah, a special tax, and you do not offend Islam. Seeking to bring Muslims into your faith can be problematic. In Saudi Arabia it is illegal to seek to convert someone from Islam or to give out literature such as Bibles. One Filipino businessman was arrested, tortured and sentenced to death for leading several house churches. He was reluctantly set free due to international pressure.

4) Islam respects women

An Imam teaches his subjects the correct way to beat your wife.[iii] The Koran allows for anal sex, and the wife must be willing at all times.[iv] Women must be covered from head to toe. In paradise the man is promised 72 virgins. What is the woman promised? Young girls are often murdered in honor killings by relatives, while males are rarely murdered in such ways.

Islam is the most oppressive force on earth regarding women. Just last week over 3,000 women were taken captive by ISIS and have been forced into sexual slavery. There are brothels overseen by Muslim women to organize this. Fighters are allowed to abuse the women since they are not Muslim. Sadly this is not a distortion, as we already established that Mohamed had sex slaves.

“Muhammad had a multitude of slave girls and concubines with whom he had sex—sometimes on the very days in which they had watched their husbands and fathers die at the hands of his army.”[v]

5) Sharia Law is harmless

In Gaza, Iran and Saudi Arabia Religious police called mutaween are given broad powers to enforce Sharia.

“They have the power to arrest unrelated males and females caught socializing, anyone engaged in homosexual behavior or prostitution; to enforce Islamic dress-codes, and store closures during the prayer time.”[vi]

You might think great, they are against prostitution. Think again. A dear friend and her husband were arrested in Dubai. She was arrested for prostitution and he – for rape. They were married! They were forced to convert to Islam in jail and then released. They are both now evangelical Christians.

Dancing to western music, wearing western clothes, can invite a severe beating. In Gaza, Hamas police beat a teen to the point that he could not walk for three days, because he had gel in his hair. Converting to Christianity is a crime punishable by death. Iran has jailed more than one pastor for leaving Islam.

Often just the suspicion of adultery can bring the death penalty—assuming you are a woman. Since males are permitted to have sex slaves, they are rarely executed. Those who are executed under Sharia are often killed in the most gruesome ways such as beheadings, stoning or being buried alive.

6) Islam is tolerant of gays

It is one thing to have a theological disagreement with homosexuality, however it is another to kill someone for it.

“In these countries, Afghanistan, Iran, Mauritania, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, the UAE, and Yemen, homosexual activity carries the death penalty.”[vii]

Even in countries where it is legal, if family members find out, honor killings are considered morally justifiable as the courts turn a blind eye. There was no shortage of Hollywood elites like Russell Brand and Penelope Cruz, defending Hamas in the recent war with Israel. Yet these same Hollywood elites would be killed if they sought to establish legal same-sex marriages in Gaza.

7) Only a small segment of Muslims are radicalized

I recently read that only 7% of Muslims have been radicalized. Seemed like good news until I did the math. 1.5 billion Muslims times .07 equals 105,000,000 million Muslims ready to murder, rape, pillage, and ultimately die for their cause. And this number is rapidly growing.

Then, when you realize that even so-called moderates from primitive, backward cultures, are willing to kill their daughters in honor killings, you realize that the number is much higher. Just because they are not joining ISIS or strapping on a suicide belt, doesn’t mean they do not embrace a murderous form of Islam.

Amazingly, just the populations of Iran and U.S. ally Saudi Arabia, both Islamic dictatorships, number over 100,000,000!


I think it is just dandy that John Kerry is enlisting Muslims to join the rhetoric war. And I do get the politics. Kerry must make silly statements like the one above to get their help. But if these nations really want to combat Radical Islam, they need to put boots on the ground and take out their wallets. While America and Europe may be the targets of random terror attacks, the radical threat from ISIS and Al Qaeda is far greater, as they seek to overthrow all of the governments of the Middle East.





[iv] see note on Qur’an (2:223)




I have read more tweets than I can count that say the root of the Israeli/Palestinian problem is the Occupation of Gaza. But Israel doesn’t occupy Gaza! Hamas does.