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Ron Cantor traces God’s hand throughout history to reveal how the almighty restored the language of Hebrew and the nation of Israel.


Forty percent Israelis living in the northern and southern border towns feel unsafe and would consider moving, according to a survey published by the Knesset’s Research and Information Center.

One third of the respondents said they are currently considering moving due to security concerns. The survey, published Tuesday, showed that 31 percent of residents in the north and 28 percent in the south are considering leaving their region for a quieter life.

Residents of the south endure dozens of rounds of violence a year stemming from rockets launched by Palestinians in Gaza. Several hundred rockets a year are fired into Israel forcing residents to run for cover with just 15 seconds from the time to rocket alarm system sounds. 

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Archaeologists have uncovered pieces of a rare Roman period synagogue in northern Israel, lending evidence to the ancient Jewish presence in the Holy Land at a time it was previously believed Jewish life ceased to exist there, the University of Haifa said.

The colorful mosaics in a third-century synagogue depict animals and birds and were discovered during an excavation at the town of Majdulia in the Golan Heights.

Until recently, scholars believed that Jewish presence in the Golan had ceased to exist after the destruction of the Gamla fortress by the Romans in 67 AD. Discoveries such as this show otherwise and are forcing scholars to rethink the historic makeup of the region.

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Try boycotting this, BDS movement: A new treatment developed by Israeli scientists eradicated 90 percent of the pancreatic cancer in mice within two weeks.

Pictured: Prof. Malka Cohen-Armon, left, of Tel Aviv University and Dr. Talia Golan of Sheba Medical Center. Courtesy of Tel- Aviv University

Researchers from Tel Aviv University said they used a small molecule to cause the self-destruction of pancreatic cancer cells in mice. After two weeks of injecting molecule PJ34, the treatment reduced the number of cancer cells by as much as 90 percent, according to the study.

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With anti-Semitic attacks are on the rise in Germany, perhaps it’s not a surprise that the terror group Hezbollah has more than 1,000 members and supporters living there and is using the European country as a hub for its activities on the continent.

The German newspaper, Tagesspiegel, reported Friday that the Iranian-sponsored organization is active in Europe

recruiting new members,
trafficking drugs and
raising money to procure more arms for its deadly activities. 

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