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Shocking words from Virginia’s governor, as he seems to say that killing a live baby is okay, if that is what the parents want. Instead of explaining himself, he just relies in Democratic talking points, saying his opponents are playing “politics with women’s health.”

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The Death of New York

Ron Cantor —  January 25, 2019 — Leave a comment

In New York state you can now end the life of a nine month old baby in the womb. Just get a note from your doctor. God help us!

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On January 1 I spoke to our group at Nes v’Cafe about healing evangelism. We live in a day where God is seeking those who will step out in healing prayer for unbelievers. He will back you up!

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Who are you to JUDGE?

Ron Cantor —  December 28, 2018 — Leave a comment

You gently correct a fellow believer and they get offended and tell you that Yeshua told us not to judge. Did he really say that?

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