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The fact is, if some of the experiences recorded in the book of Acts happened today, many leaders would condemn them as being of the devil. Indeed, the Pharisees said that Yeshua was able to cast out demons, because he was possessed by demons.

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Jesus attacked first

Ron Cantor —  June 21, 2019 — Leave a comment


There are many theories regarding Yeshua’s reference to building his Church on a Rock, but while I was teaching at the site where this took place—Caesarea Philippi—it came to me suddenly. What do you think?

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I’ve been praying for some big things, for some time, without seeing the results I want. I was talking to the Lord about it, just the other day. I know these things are His will, but I was a bit discouraged. The Lord reminded me that the lesson of Israel is, if anything, proof that He is faithful—but not always on our timetable.

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