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Ron Cantor —  July 14, 2012 —  Comments
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Where do I start…?

I am at a loss for words.

Okay… on Tuesday last week we received our first batch of copies of my book, Identity Theft. Just to explain, while we did have a publisher, it was the kind of publisher where you pay them to publish your book: they edit, create a nice book cover, typeset and do some light marketing, get it on Amazon, iBooks, etc. I felt we had a good enough book to attract a real publisher, but I knew that would delay the project at least a year…and patience isn’t my strongest virtue.

However, Wednesday night, 24 hours after opening the first case of books, Elana and I were sitting with our long-time friend Paul Wilbur. Paul gave away Elana at our wedding and has been a father figure to her since she became a believer in 1986. We were chatting when someone came into the room to remind Paul he had a meeting with Destiny Image Publishers, one of the larger Christian publishing houses in the U.S., the next morning.

My ears perked up and thought wouldn’t it be great if Paul mentioned my book to them. I asked him if he would and Elana suggested that Paul take a copy of Identity Theft for them. Now let me state here that it is very difficult to get published without:

    1. An agent,
    2. Having already been a published author,
    3. A book proposal.

And the fact that we already printed 700 copies is only further cause for a publisher to stay away. However….

Paul, who read Identity Theft and loved it, took them the copy, and gave it to their head of acquisitions. He then sent me this email:

I gave your book to the head of the acquisitions dept with a strong recommendation; she seemed genuinely interested and was intrigued by the title and cover! I think they will want to work with you. : )

I was pretty excited, but cautioned myself against getting overconfident. I didn’t want to be disappointed when they rejected it or stipulated that I had to commit to buying a ridiculous amount of copies. However, this woman actually came to Messiah College, where we were at the Messiah Conference with 41 Israelis, and found me (I still don’t know if that was the main reason that she came, or if she had other business there). By 6 p.m. they had offered me my first ever book deal. I thought something was up and asked, “To be clear—you are not asking me for money… or to guarantee that I will buy books?”

“No, Ron, we are taking this on as our project,” Ronda shared.

After some cordial negotiations, I signed the contract and sent it Monday morning. Today, I received it back, signed by Destiny Image!

I have been sitting on this news since July 5th, but didn’t want to share anything until I was holding that signed agreement… or at least looking at the PDF on my computer!

What is more, I received this note from Randy Pennington, my contact there:

Also I forgot to mention that Ronda’s husband started reading your book and he could not put it down. He said this book could be a New York Times best seller and was disappointed when she had to bring it into work. So I believe you are on the right track.

While I feel good about our book, that may be far-reaching, but still extremely encouraging!

Many of you have been right with me in prayer and encouragement over the past year as I was writing Identity Theft. I can’t thank you enough. What a journey… and it’s just beginning! Please pray with me for three things:

1. That God will use this book to bring Jewish people into the Kingdom of God.
2. That He will use it to open up the eyes of believers everywhere to Jewish Roots of Jesus and the greatest perpetration of Identity Theft in history.
3. And, that Jewish believers who believe receiving Yeshua would cut them off from Judaism would see things differently. Just today, during a radio interview with Dr. Michael Brown, a young Jewish believer, Erik, sent in a note saying that in his view, once he became a believer in the Jewish Messiah he became convinced he is no longer Jewish. Pray for Erik!

Together, we can see this book make a real difference!

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  1. Shoshana says:

    If God be for us . . . we can only win, and this book to me is the perfect example of ‘loaves and fishes’ multiplication. When we give what we have, no matter how inadequate we think it is, He has the power to make it more than sufficient. He delights in doing the over and above all we could ask, hope for, or dare to imagine. Enjoy your reward, Ron, it was a great effort on your part and now the joy is watching how far the blessing of the book will reach!

    1. Ron Cantor says:

      Thank you so much Shoshana!

      1. Jim Pociluyko says:

        We are very proud of you and your accomplishment in completing this important message in book form and getting it published. We pray that many lives will be touched by Yeshua through its distribution world wide!! Shalom and blessings to you and your family.

  2. Nathalie G. says:

    Congratulations Ron! Nath

    1. Ron Cantor says:

      Thanks Nathalie!

  3. Len P says:

    Very excited for you Ron!

  4. Peggy Scarborough says:

    I am a Destiny Image author and am tremendously pleased with them. They do an excellent job promoting the book, giving their authors personal help selling the book and are a real source of encouragment to their authors. I feel you will be very pleased with them. I have read part of your manuscript online and am excited about it getting in the hands of people all over America. It will be a great blessing.
    Peggy Scarborough

    1. Ron Cantor says:

      Wow! Thank you Peggy. What is the name if your book?

  5. Keith Risman says:

    As a Jewish believer I initially felt cut off from my heritage. Over time that changed and I am proud to proclaim Jesus as my savior and Jewdiism as my heritage. My children also. I will pray that Erik eyes open to the fullness of having Christ as his saviour an Israel as his homeland.

    1. Ron Cantor says:

      Amen Keith! Bless you in Messiah!

  6. This is so exciting!! Only Yeshua can open these kind of doors for you. I bless you with amazing continued favor, and yes believe with you for countless Jewish souls. I can’t wait to read your book. Congratulations! Kathy & Jim Pearson

  7. Marty Blume says:

    Ron, we are rejoicing with you! It’s like you and I, me in a smaller way and you in a much bigger way, have just accomplished the same thing. I have to wonder if, because you blessed me by publishing my “Coming Home” testimony, you were in turn blessed by God with you publication. May they both reach those who are in need, for the glory of God!
    Marty Blume

  8. Nate Marialke says:


  9. margaret b says:

    congratulations! I know you have put many hours of prayer and work into this mission. God is good and His timing is perfect. I am looking forward to receiving my book very soon! Margaret B.

    1. Ron Cantor says:

      Thank you Margaret! It should arrive any day!

  10. Congratulation Ron! Question: is this book will be available in Hebrew? I would like to share it with my Israelis friends.

    1. Ron Cantor says:

      Henn, it is not yet in Hebrew, but there has been interest. We will see…thanks for your interest!

  11. Ron Cantor says:

    Thank you EVERYONE for your encouragement. God bless you!

  12. Subee says:

    Congratulations Ron!!
    To me, the most Jewish thing anyone can do is believe in the Messiah and take back what the devil has tried to steal.
    Many, many souls !!

  13. Tom Barrett VCF Audubon PA says:

    WOW! Congrats! What an awesome God to hook you up, can’t wait for all of rest of the testimonies and changed lives resulting from this seed. God bless you!

  14. Melissa says:

    Praise Yeshua! Bringing our family in is awesome! I did pray and will continue to pray that Adonai uses this book to open the eyes of our people. Shalom

  15. ken colley says:

    Ron, this is fantastic! I know that you will continue to be blessed because of your service. I will never forget that you continued to teach at BRSM, and that that last semester you were there you flew out every week on your on dime. I do and will always truly appreciate that, and that class opened my eyes to the culture that Jesus lived in. It was like adding vibrant color to my black and white mental picture of Jesus’ life.