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  1. Phil says:

    As for not calling ourselves ‘Christians’ because the word has been ‘hijacked’ as you say, so have other words. There was a time when ‘God’ (or Elohim) referred only to the true God but today it does not. Should we therefore abandon usage of that word? Nowhere in the N.T. is there even a hint that the word ‘Christian’ was an insulting word, it was merely a descriptive word – those who follow Christ. I’m not saying that you have to hold up the word ‘Christian’ in the face of Jewish people to reach them with the Gospel of Christ, but eventually if they have any reasoning abilities at all they will make the connection that the Gospel you share with them is the same Gospel that ‘Christians’ share. Is it okay to tell them to believe in Yeshua? Sure, but is it therefore mandatory that all Christians use Hebrew words to explain their faith? Absolutely not! There is nothing wrong with using the word ‘God’, ‘Jesus’, or ‘Christian’ – those are words that I am not ashamed to identify with.

  2. Norman Watson says:

    have a friends who were part of a Hebraic Roots group, my wife and I were also
    part of this group. The group really helped my wife and I break away from
    denominational churches which was not teaching the complete bible, they would
    teaching that all of the Jewish festivals and laws were nailed to the cross and
    that put an end to them so we do praise God for connecting us with this group
    who gave us a type of spiritual detox which we so desperately needed. We left
    the group because of the tremendous amount of control that was there, you had
    to get the Rabbis “blessing” or approval on anything outside of the group and
    if you questioned it you were in sin and following the devil. We no longer are
    part of this group. But My friend who left but his wife is still there is now
    under tremendous judgments and is being
    called evil, his wife is still there and under their control is also viewing
    him as evil and this is breaking apart their marriage. What can I say or do
    that can show them that this type of control is not of God and is contrary to
    His teacing.

  3. Zorea283 says:

    I’m not sure if I’m using this “blog” correctly. My intent here, is to comment on “Jerusalem Secret”
    Two things… well, actually three…
    First – I want to apologize for a comment that I made about “Jerusalem Secret” BEFORE I finished reading the book.
    Second – I loved the book, the books, …and about “Identity Theft” I could NOT put the book down.
    Third – there are thoughts swirling in the fog of my mind that may need some intercesory help.
    If you feel so inclined as you speak with ״אדוני שלי״
    somewhere in the conversation,
    as if I were standing behind you,
    point your thumb over your shoulder,
    and say ״מתפללי אני עבור זורע ג׳ורג״
    and let’s see if ״ישוע המשיח״ has something for this old man to do.
    אמן ואמן