Ben Affleck Curses Jesus while Defending Islam

Ron Cantor —  October 6, 2014 —  Comments

Ben Affleck seems so amiable in his movies. However, on the set of Bill Maher’s liberal TV show (I don’t even know the name), he was seething. Yes, seething mad that someone might think, just because Muslims are chopping off heads, raping young girls and committing honor killings, there might be a problem within the doctrines of Islam.

Even Bill Maher, an avowed atheist and super liberal seems to get it right when it comes to Islam. However, Hollywood A-lister Mr. Affleck (who is so famous his name gets spellchecked in Word!) disagrees. He thinks any criticism of Islam is Islamaphobic (a word that Word does not recognize). In fact, he thinks, “It’s gross. It’s racist.”

Affleck ascribes to a belief system based on fairytales that Radical Islamists are a small minority and in no way reflect the belief of the overwhelming majority of peace-loving Muslims. He and his ilk like to say silly things like, “Only 7% of Muslims are radicalized.”

That sounds so reassuring until you do the math and realize that 7% is roughly 100,000,000 people! One hundred million Islamic fanatics willing to rape, murder and pillage for the sake of their religious beliefs. Yes, at least one in every seventy people on earth, believes it is okay to kidnap, rape and maim unbelievers.  And that doesn’t even include moderate Islamic leaders  and their regimes like Bashar Assad, the PLO or the King of Saudi Arabia, who have no problem killing for political gain.

However, I don’t need to combat Affleck on these issues. Maher and Sam Harris, his debating partner, do a fine job (if Affleck would just let them talk) using facts to dispel Affleck’s emotion-driven myths. My issue is Affleck’s utter hypocrisy.

While claiming that, as a good liberal, he must be kind and tolerant of Muslims, he uses the name of Jesus as a curse word. About 2:21 into the clip (See below), after Mr. Harris refers to Islam as the mother-load of bad ideas, Ben utters the name above every name, and in a way he would never use the name of Mohammed—as a curse.

He took the name of Jesus, and inserted it in place of a four-letter curse word—all the while, defending Islam. I am sure he didn’t even notice it.

What is clear is liberals like Affleck defend Islam in a way they would never defend Christianity. Does he think that moderate Islam is pro-choice? Pro-gay? Pro-equal rights for women? Pro-nudity in films like Affleck’s most recent movie (I am told)?

Harris calmly points out to the agitated actor that nearly 80% of the UK’s Muslim community felt the Danish cartoonist who drew Mohammed should have been prosecuted. Maher points out that 90% of Egyptians believe death is the appropriate response for leaving Islam. A careful study of Moderate Islam would reveal that they are only moderate compared to people who rape and behead. There are numerous cases of non-militant Muslims supporting terror, committing honor killings, being racists and frankly, hating people like you—western liberals.

But again, I digress. These Hollywood elites will defend Islam, while holding Christianity in disdain. That is my point. Curse Jesus while defending Mohammed and pretend you are genuinely tolerant. It is open season on believers in the New Testament, but don’t you dare draw a picture of Mohammed.

Warning: The Clip does have profanity, but not against Islam!


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  1. Al says:

    I don’t even know who Ben Flak Flak is,,may God bless him and find salvation Through Jesus Christ who died for him,may he hear Truth hope to see ya heaven Mr. Flak Flak

    1. CherylWillis says:

      I guess I don’t know him either. But…the LORD, the LORD…
      ADONAI passed before him and proclaimed: “YUD-HEH-VAV-HEH!!! Yud-Heh-Vav-Heh [ADONAI] is God, merciful and compassionate, slow to anger, rich in grace and truth; showing grace to the thousandth generation, forgiving offenses, crimes and sins; yet not exonerating the guilty, but causing the negative effects of the parents’ offenses to be experienced by their children and grandchildren, and even by the third and fourth generations.”

      This is the ONE who knows how to deal with this man and those with him…if he could only receive revelation of what he is doing… LORD, open his eyes. Fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom…

      There is no fear of the LORD in the land…and, in light of that, we must realize, there are consequences.

    2. Kp says:

      AMEN!!! We may not always agree with the words they speak or the actions they did. Could anyone simply think Jesus didn’t know what they would speak or do when He willingly died on the cross as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins? Praise Jesus Christ for loving us and understanding that some will not choose Him, He died in HOPE that we would want to be with Him in Heaven. He loves us that He didn’t kill us in spite of ourselves, instead He died for us!

  2. JB says:

    What a tool. I’m still waiting for ANYONE to name ANY positive impact resulting from ANY concerted effort from ANY Muslim mosque ANYWHERE. What exactly are they doing with all the contributions from the 1.6 billion faithful followers? Meanwhile, ridicule the Christians because you can’t think of any good deed they do. Morons makin milllions. Crazy, man.

    1. Andrew Taylor says:

      Lost all respect for Bennifer…. such a d-bag…refusing to even listen, he’s like a Social Justice Warrior…
      Silly me, when I was watching I actually thought he would bring something good to the conversation, thought he was smart…. then again…Gigli, Jersey Girl? Maybe I’m the dumbass?

  3. Sharon Harrah-Hale says:

    There goes “Gone Girl”…’s Gone Ben for me. I would not waste my money on such an idiot.

    1. Brodo Fraggins says:

      Um, ok? So, you’re not going to go see a movie because a person that was in it made some public statements that you didn’t like?
      This is exactly what is happening with Tom Cruise nowadays.
      Learn to not associated someone’s public image with their other, unrelated work.

  4. Mason says:

    I still fail to see how he “cursed Jesus.” He simply said “Jesus Christ” when he heard something he almost couldn’t believe. People use that phrase all of the time when they have heard something that they can’t even fathom because it’s so stupid. Then the article goes on to praise Maher, yet he’s the BIGGEST atheist known to man. This whole article is ignorant. Think before you write please.

    1. Shannon says:

      Saying “Jesus Christ” in the manner in which Affleck did is a curse! It is using the name of our Lord in vain!

  5. Chico says:

    Great article, Ron. The problem with those who stand with the Muslims is that they don’t truly know that they are under a veil of darkness that covers their hearts, minds and eyes from seeing Jesus Christ as the True King and Lord of All. They also fail to see that Israel is still the chosen and only people in the earth that God ever made eternal covenant with. I pray for Israel daily and for the true Body of Christ to not allow the hate mongers of our faith in Christ be maligned.

    1. Brodo Fraggins says:

      Yeah okay…
      Knock-Knock, buddy. A lot of ‘those who stand with Muslims’ aren’t even practicing any religion so if you’re going to try and make a point, try not to be biased, especially when it’s about not supporting innocent people getting slaughtered.
      Ignorant extremists like you believe everything you see on T.V and make me fear just how many others you have influenced to think like you.
      Keep praying for Israel and I’ll sit here and pray that more people like you get aborted.
      Good Day, Sir.

  6. Leah says:

    Funny how all this person can do is cry about how Ben Affleck was fair and wants equality for all. For some reason that’s a bad thing now… Affleck supports Jews as well as any other religion or person, his middle name was after a family friend who was a Holocaust survivor. For those comments saying they won’t watch his movies anymore. He has millions of dollars, three homes, a wonderful family and life. He doesn’t care if 2 people don’t watch his movies.

    1. Andrew Taylor says:

      Equality for all? Did you read the letter fucktard? That’s not what the Islamists want… there is no equality in their religion whether you think they are good or bad…