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Has God ever surprised you? You begin to worship and suddenly he is CLOSE, really close! I love that! Here are some ways to make that happen more and more. And we look at the difference between the God high and the counterfeits.

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Hey friends, I have a dear pastor friend in Nepal. He started a church decades ago and now he oversees 40 churches with 4,000 people! He is getting ready to turn over his network to his assistant and move back to the US. His dream is to bring his top lieutenants to Israel.

They are paying for their plane tickets, but we are paying the $14,000 for the land portion. We have raised around $8,000 but still need $6,000. Please consider helping! Thank you!

>> go to:
or send your check to
Messiah’s Mandate
P.O. Box 2997
Gaithersburg MD 20886-2997
​add a note that it is for the Nepal Pastors Trip



The Muslim nation of Chad recently printed a stamp featuring Israeli Netta Barzilai, the singer who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018.

Israel and the African nation renewed diplomatic relations last January after a historic visit by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The country didn’t waste any time warming up to Israel, printing two images of Barzilai on a stamp. She is featured next to the Swedish band ABBA that won Eurovision in 1974, with the words “Republic of Chad.”

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With waves of anti-Semitic incidents sweeping Europe, the Czech Republic took an intentional stand for the nation of Israel when its Chamber of Deputies voted to condemn anti-Semitism and boycotting of Israel.

The resolution, which passed overwhelmingly with 120 votes to 20 on Tuesday, is non-binding yet strongly condemns “all manifestations of anti-Semitism directed against individuals, religious institutions, organizations as well as the State of Israel, including the denial of the Holocaust.”

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With Israel continuing to ally itself with Arab nations across the Middle East against the regional threat presented by Iran, a security official from Israel’s Foreign Ministry made a rare visit to Bahrain to attend a security conference there this week. 

Dana Benvenisti-Gabay, director of regional security and counterterrorism in the Foreign Ministry, attended the two-day Warsaw Ministerial Maritime and Aviation Security Working Group meeting focused on thwarting the Islamic Republic’s growing regional aggression. 

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