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Israel has decided to freeze the bank accounts of Arab Israeli terrorists who receive financial rewards from the Palestinian Authority, calling it “another step in the campaign against terrorists.” 

Defense Minister Naftali Bennet on Wednesday signed the seizure order to freeze the bank accounts of eight convicted Palestinian terrorists and their families all of who had been receiving thousands of dollars a month. 

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Palestinian tourism officials said that by offering their groups day trips to the celebrated city of Jesus’ birth, Israeli tour operators are robbing their Palestinian counterparts of tourists who would spend a couple of nights in Bethlehem. 

Yes, that is what we call capitalism. If you, meaning the Palestinian tour guides, did not use the opportunity to trash Israel and Jews, maybe you would get more business—just sayin!

The Palestinian Hotel Association accused Israel of preventing tourists from staying in the West Bank city by taking them on short excursions there instead rather than allowing them to book hotels and stay longer. This undermines their businesses, Palestinian hotel owners said.

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Forbes magazine has ranked Tel Aviv among the 20 best destinations around the world to travel next year. The business magazine follows the Wall Street Journal ranking of no. 3 for sites to visit in 2019. Of course, as a resident of the city that never sleeps, I could have told them!

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In a bombshell move that was condemned by Israel, the International Criminal Court decided to investigate alleged war crimes committed by both Israelis and Palestinians in East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza.

Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda announced last week that she was satisfied there was enough evidence to begin an investigation.

Though Israel does not recognize the ICC, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said after the announcement it was “a dark day for truth and justice.” One possible outcome could be that Netanyahu himself is charged with war crimes.

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Israelis have a popular expression for when something happens twice or if they run into an acquaintance two times in a short period of time: “Pa’am shlishit, glida,” which literally translates to, “Third time, ice cream!”

In other words, “Next time, you owe me ice cream.” Well, ice cream giant Ben & Jerry’s is capitalizing on this expression inviting Israelis to help create a new flavor of ice cream in honor of the country’s third round of elections in one year.

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