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If you want to know the difference between Israel and the Palestinian leadership, here it is: Israel bans racist Jews from running for the Knesset and allows racist Arabs. The Palestinian Authority and Hamas ARE racist and pay off terrorists with aid money.

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Freedom of the press and the right to protest — even peacefully — are nonexistent within Gaza. So it was a rare show of dissent when Gazans began demonstrations on Thursday at several locations throughout the Strip to protest treacherous living conditions in the coastal enclave.

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A Palestinian terrorist was on the run for nearly two days after managing to snuff out the lives of two Israelis and leaving another in critical condition after a terror attack on Sunday in Ariel, a large Jewish city in the West Bank.

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How can you love Israel without loving Israelis? How can you love Israelis if you don’t know any? I believe that God wants the Global church to get to know their “elder brothers”, so they can truly love them, and then be moved to deep intercession.

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